You Are Either Deliberately Designing OR You Are Passively Producing.

It is not enough to work hard…

Surely you know that by now

It is not enough to just keep showing up

Surely you know that by now

It is not enough to just react to what is happening around you

Surely you know that by now

You have to get deliberate

You have to know what you want

And refuse to back down from it

You have to actively and mentally work towards what you want

Not just react to what is happening in your life


Whether you are being deliberate or passive about it

YOU ARE THE ONE WITH ALL THE POWER to determine whether your life experience is awesome or not.

And yet, I see so many people thinking that if they just keep putting one foot in front of the other, then just by virtue of getting older, things will get better.

It is not true

If the picture you hold in your mind is simply more of the same then that is EXACTLY what you will get

If the feeling you carry inside of you is one of despair and low-level depression, then you will continue to create more of the same

Whether you are aware of it or not…


And you can choose to be deliberate and decide how you want things to play out…

Or you can become a passive producer, simply responding to what others want from you, responding to whatever others throw at you in all areas of life…

Prosperity is yours by right

But you gotta claim it

It does not just happen to you

It is designed into your life

You have to get past the feeling that nothing you do, works as well as you would like

You have to get past the thought that this is all you can expect

You have to keep that beautiful vision of grandeur in your mind so gloriously even when everything inside of you feels as though you cannot take anymore and that you are imagining a lie

In the transition from passive to deliberate, it does not feel easy

It feels like nothing will ever change

And yet, for those who choose to keep their beautiful vision clearly in mind and who choose to keep taking deliberate steps towards it…,


So tell me are you a deliberate designer or a passive producer?

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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