You Are Born For More! Be The Best You Can Be

You are the one who KNOWS you are born for more.

But you think it makes you proud and so you try to downplay it

People have even told you that you are too proud and yet, the KNOWING persists.

That knowledge that you are here to do great things!

That knowledge that you are here to make a difference…

You have learnt to play it down, to pretend to fit in…


And occasionally, you wonder why you can’t settle for less!

Why can’t you be happy just being average?

Why can’t you be happy just to play along with everyone else?

Why is it that when you say certain things, do certain things that feel so normal to you, people look at you as though you have two heads?  They say you want too much, they think you should be satisfied and they simply do not understand why you think the way you think.

And at the same time, some people are drawn to your big thinking…

They admire it, you can see that and you like it

And at the same time, you don’t like it…

Because there is a fear inside of you that though you long to go for the more, you wonder…

“Am I enough of a leader? 

Can I you handle all those people depending on me?

Do I actually have what it takes?”

And so there is this anxiety, pressure in your chest or wherever it is that you carry the tension and you feel stuck, dissatisfied.

And you also wonder

“If I am really born for more, then why has it not shown up already?!”

You feel stuck between the fire and the frying pan –

Unable to be content with normal and average


Unable to reach the big dreams and goals because you are not even sure you deserve them and could handle them if you got them.

And so you feel stuck

You are not taking the inner or the outer actions you know you need to take…

You are dipping your little toe in it but never fully committing…

You are talking a good game but NEVER COMMITTING!

But also, you never fully disown the dream.

And so time ticks on by.


Honey, take a breath.

What if all you need to do is ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE YOU?

Stop trying so hard to be what you THOUGHT you had to be?

Just BE YOU!

The chances are, that there was a time when you were younger and not full of overthinking and self-doubt when you led a group of people naturally.  They gathered round you just because you were DOING YOU boldly

But then you got more self-conscious, life threw some curveballs at you and you started to doubt yourself.

Go back to the beginning!


And let YOU out again!

Stop being so attached to this version of you that is full of fear and doubt and guilt and shame of mistakes made, of so-called wisdom gained from retreating from the harsh words of others and the events that shook the very foundation of you…

This version of you is not real – YOU KNOW IT!

And in fact, you look back with nostalgia to the time when all this STUFF had not happened to you!

You look back, wanting to get back to being that person.


Simply choose it.

No longer let the pain of the past haunt you and frighten you into silence.

No longer allow fear take root in you…

Dig up the current root it does have in you!

Stop being money’s slave where you tell yourself that you cannot do the things you desire because you do not have the money to do it…

Stop being time’s slave – YOU GET TO CHOOSE HOW TO USE YOUR TIME…


And you can have the more

Wake up, retrain your brain, let go of this weak personality and mould yourself to who you KNOW you are born to be.

It is time!

because there is simply NO MORE TIME to live the wrong life.


There may be silence at the beginning as you start to show your true design self…

But your people are paying attention.

And they will start to put their hands up little by little as you take the first several steps to being your most powerful self…



It is not humility to hide your light!

It is irresponsible!



Listen to those intuitive nudges from the Divine as He tries to get your attention…

Trust what you hear




You are born for more and now is your time.


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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