You Are A Unique Expression Of The Divine

I talk a lot about the concept of a jigsaw puzzle…

Many different shaped pieces

With different designs on them

Pieced together to form a glorious picture

In the Bible, I read of the Body…

Each individual part linking together to form the completeness of the body

And I look at you and I see you as one part of the whole…

One unique expression of the Divine wholeness

One jigsaw piece

One body part

Without you, it is all incomplete

While you pretend to be something other than you, it is all incomplete

While you try hard to keep others happy, you feel incomplete

You long for full self-expression

Because there is a quiet sense within you that you are born for more

And there is the whisper of the Divine within you, desiring to be revealed in the full picture as everyone wakes up and lives to their true design

While you pretend to be anything other than you, you are at a lower energy state

It takes so much energy to maintain this facade that you think others and life demand of you

Surrender to your true design would be easier

But the world you live in, seems so real…

The things you think you must do, are so compelling…

They drag you away from your true design…

And you tell yourself that ONE DAY, SOMEDAY, you will get to follow your heart…

But not today.

Today, you have bills to pay

Today, you have bosses and customers to appease

Today, you have children to take care of

So not today

But there is no denying the yearning in your soul to be all that you are born to be

The unique expression of the Divine in your every day life…

You think you must go somewhere, be at some level before you can be fully self-expressed

But right now, in this moment, you can simply choose to open up to being all that you are…

Right now, you can choose to believe that true prosperity and abundance will only be experienced as you open up to your true design

All that energy used to maintain a life you do not even adore

Imagine how that could be put to good use becoming all that you are born to be…

Being the unique expression of the Divine that you are…

Surrender to the truth of who you are

Surrender to the purpose that compels you

Choose to discover and live to your true design

Trust that your every desire will be created as you tap into those intuitive nudges that lead you towards your highest good…

I tell you again…

Your desires are sacred…

they are not some indulgence that the Divine seeks to keep from you

You can trust that as you return to your true design, then every desire of your heart will manifest…

Let go of old ideas that seem so real but do not align with your heart

Choose to live in trust and be the divine being you are born to be.

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Get on the deliberate Life path to your true design

Clear the inner blocks

Clarify your purpose

Reconnect more deeply to Source

Take the physical actions that intuitively lead you to the life you deeply desire

Deliberately design a life of freedom, fulfilment, abundance

Be love in the world

You are a unique expression of the Divine

Rise up and take your place

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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