You Are A Creative Force Of Nature

There is so much creativity brewing within you

So much power in that imagination of yours

But the fear has stifled it

The fear of how you will come across

the fear of whether anyone wants to hear from you

The fear of whether you are allowed to do the things that you desire to do

The fear of how much time it will take

How much money it will take

Whether you will fail or not

Whether you will succeed and find that you do not like it as much as you thought you would and now you have lost all your friends too!

So many reasons you come up with, to be afraid

And so you stay stuck in indecision

Stuck in a life that is not fun but at least it is predictable

Come on now


Break free from all that and choose to experiment with your ideas

Do not take yourself so seriously

Do not take life so seriously

Realise that the game is set up for you to win!

It really is

You are a spiritual being having a human experience


You came to practice being a creator

To have fun creating things

To experience the joy of remembering who you really are

So come on…

Respond to that little whisper within you to try new things

Respond to that little whisper within you to give something new a go

Respond to that little whisper within you to be playful with life

All the responsibilities are weighing you down so much and making you get tooo stuck in the mud

You know you are born for more than this

What do you really want to do next?

What is the simplest little step you can take to get there?


Ask for the support of all the universe – Not that you really need to because everything is poised waiting for you to remember and get to work having fun creating new things

But still, realign yourself with the Divine just in case you got to stuck in believing the illusion we call ‘reality’

Talk through your ideas

ASk for guidance


And by the way…

🔴 Do you feel a low-level depressed sort of feeling a lot of the time? Not too good, not too bad…

A feeling of being off-track, off-course with no idea on how to get back to your true path and purpose. A feeling that you should be further along in life than this and a deep down despair as to how anything can ever change when life feels so full on all the time

🔴 Do you feel overwhelmed by all the demands people place on you?  

From children to parents to boss to clients to partners, everyone seems to want a piece of you and you love them, you want to help them but it sometimes feels like you have no space to breathe and the pressure is getting higher and higher?

🔴 What is your bank balance like?  

Is it where you want it to be? Do you like the work you have to do to fill it up?

🔴 Do you feel anger towards certain people that hurt you and you just cannot seem to shake it?  

You think you are over it and then BAM!!! something triggers you and ALL THE FEELINGS come back in a flood and you feel like you cannot overcome it. You know you need to forgive for your own freedom but it just feels too fresh. They may not even be in your life anymore but the hurt is still so real. (They may also still be in your life and be a constant trigger for pain because they do not see what they did wrong!)

🔴 How much energy do you have each day?

Do you find that your energy feels low, a lot of the time?


You can wake up excited about life again

You can spend your days doing more of what you want and less of what you don’t

You can be free


And definitely abundant in all areas…

These things are your divine right…

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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