Yes, You Will Be Tempted BUT DO NOT INDULGE IT! BE Powerful

Fear comes at you from every direction…

You do not have to indulge it

It threatens you with many dire consequences

You still do not have to indulge it

It speaks from a dark place in your soul

A seed planted many years ago

To keep you in check

To keep you under control

It is no longer relevant

You do not have to indulge it

Though it brings to light your deepest worries

You do not have to indulge it

Though it makes you feel abandoned and unloved

You do not have to indulge it

Instead turn your face towards the light

Instead keep your mind focused on your desires

Those divinely planted desires that seek expression through you

You are the light of the world, do you not know?

And those desires within you will bring light and life to many souls

If you will not indulge the fear.

You are powerful

Created in the image and likeness of the Divine

Able to bring many great ideas to life

You can be love in this world

Changing lives and hearts wherever you go

Simply refuse to indulge the fear

Yes it seems so big and far-reaching

But it only comes to life when you give it attention

So don’t

Focus on who you want to be

Focus on what you want to do

Reconnect intimately to the Divine

Live out of that place of connection

Listen for guidance

And act

Knowing that your intuition leads you to a more powerful place

Just do not indulge the fear

It is your choice

To determine where you will place your focus

So choose deliberately to be LIGHT & LOVE in this world

Today is the day you rise

And step on to the Deliberate Life path of freedom, fulfilment, abundance

Prosperity in all areas

This is your birthright

Today is the day you DECIDE to accept it

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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