Yes, You Do Have What It Takes

The irony of creating a life of ease, success, happiness, fulfilment and freedom is that you first have to go through fire.

You go through hard to get to easy

And most will not realise this

They will listen to stories of those who have ‘made it’ and they will only hear the end.

I used to do that.

Only listen to the end of the story and try to jump straight there

You forget about all the days and night of shifting beliefs

Dropping old stories that these successful ones had clung to

Putting themselves into the fray time and time and TIME AGAIN

Picking themselves up even when everything really did seem hopeless

And Choosing to believe ANYWAY until they reached their breakthrough

No one wants to hear all that

Or they think they do until they actually have to go through the same stuff

And then the wannabes think that somehow their own story is harder, more difficult, more fire-filled and terrifying than ANYONE ELSE’S in the whole wide world and they tell themselves that no one can be expected to go through this…

They tell themselves they must be doing something wrong and so they quit.

Telling themselves that they tried everything and nothing worked

It is a lie, of course

But it is a lie that is easier to live with than the real deep lie they are telling themselves of not having what it takes.

And that is the problem.

These wannabes have now reinforced the deepest, darkest lying belief that they have – “I DO NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES”

It is not true, of course

We all do have what it takes

We all are capable of our calling

We all are capable of creating a life of ease, fulfilment, happiness, wealth, joy and all the stuff you desire


You simply have to stay the course

You simply have to keep your eyes on the goal and keep stepping towards it

Shedding old beliefs as you go

And having as much fun as you can on the journey because honey, you are on the journey for life so you may as well have fun while doing what you do, right?!

It is not harder for you

With the bigger dreams, it is hard for everyone that chooses to stay the course, until they break through to easy

Like anything you learn, it is tough until it is easy



That is all you need to know

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Much Amazing Love

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