Yep, Life Does Feel Tough At Times

There is no denying it…

Life can feel really hard at times…

It can feel like you are being flung against the rocks time and time and time again

And you wonder if you can pick up again and keep going

You wonder where the fuckity-fuck is the Divine in all of this

You wonder why it has to be so hard for you

And you keep plodding along anyway

Wondering if your breakthrough is ever gonna come

Or if you just need to quit now and stop bothering to try

After all, many people you know have just stopped trying and they seem happy enough with their choices…

So what that you are bored to death and horrified by their version of ‘living’

Some days, it feels like an option for you

Having big ideas, big dreams can feel like a burden some days…

“Why can you not just settle?”, you wonder.

“Why can you not just be happy with what is?”, you yell in your mind

But no…

That is not who you are

You have a big idea

A big dream of how your life is to go

And you want to see it come to life

And so, yep, some days, it feels tough.

And as much as you want to be all upset with the Divine and feel all victimised…

You also know that doing that makes no sense…

You know too much now

You know it is on you to continue choosing to create the life you desire

You will be loved whether you do or do not

You will only be truly fulfilled if you do it

And you want fulfilment

Total complete fulfilment

You want to transcend the ‘normal’ world and create your own world where you are free, fulfilled and abundant

Where you are serving people in the way you dream of

Where you are hanging with people who get it

And so you cannot settle


And to you, I tip my hat.

I see you

I know you

I get it

The life you desire is being formed now, though it may not seem like it

Be encouraged

You have planted the seeds

You have dared to drop the unreality

Your breakthrough is on this path

Keep moving forward

One step then the next

Ever seeking divine guidance for the next step

Ever clearing anything that will kick you off the path

Keep looking forward, ok?

The life you desire is here.

Just don’t stop

Just don’t give in to feeling you are unworthy or not enough in some way

Stop with the stop-starting

Just keep your eyes on the prize – IT IS YOURS!


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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