Withdraw Your Membership From The Regular Way Of Doing Life – You Are Born For Much More Than That

There are those who go through life reacting, reacting, reacting…

Do not join them.

There are those who go through life complaining, complaining, complaining…

Do not join them

There are those who yell and complain about the government and politicians

Do not join them

There are those who wish their parents had done better because then their life would have been easier

Do not join them

There are those who keep struggling and stressing even though they get nowhere

Do not join them

There are those who have given up on their dreams and visions and they have settled for a much ‘less-than’ existence

Do not join them.

All these things seem so normal for most normal people

But we are not most people…

We KNOW we are born for something more

We KNOW we are deliberate designers of our own life experience

And we KNOW that we get choice over what seeds we plant in the garden of our consciousness…

Yes, we made mistakes in the past

And we now see the fruit of that

So we now choose to withdraw our membership of the regular world

It did not work before

It will not work now

We choose now to live the deliberate life

Where we choose what thoughts are allowed to remain within

Knowing that what we focus on, we will create…

We tap back into our true source – The Divine

We realise our oneness with Source

And we, moment by moment, realise that we are powerful enough to design a prosperous life we adore.

We are powerful enough to live to our true design…

We tap back into our desires

Knowing that our vision is our permission

And we DECIDE that it is done

We do not wait to find out how


And we are awake to the intuitive nudges as they lead us to the vision…

We refuse to get caught up in all the fear-mongering

We know that none of that is permanent

Yes, we choose to enjoy the toys of living this physical life

But we know there is more to us than just that

And so we engage with the world playfully

We choose to have fun with life

We do not give things unnecessary meaning

Especially when it is a meaning that keeps us trapped in a negative life experience

We release all the old stuff

Forgive ourselves for forgetting what we are truly made of

And we choose again to take responsibility for the design of our own life experience

We refuse to indulge doubt and fear any longer

What is there really to fear when you fully see that everything you SEE is temporary?

Instead we cultivate a steadiness inside

We cultivate a constant connection to the Source of all there is

and we playfully create a life that we adore whilst we are here

We make it non-negotiable that we get to have fun while here

We do not take everything so seriously

Let the world do what it is doing, we do not have to give it all ‘meaning’!

We see the temporal nature of all things and we choose our own adventure

Yes, withdraw your membership of the regular world

Live in it but be not of it.

WE are the deliberate

And we deliberately design life

Wondering where to start?

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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