You keep skirting round the issue of your REAL life…

I guess I did it too

I started as a pharmacist – It was required of me and safe

I finally found the courage to begin my business, after hitting rockbottom but went down the safe path – Property investing

Then I added on business coach

All the while knowing that it was all wrong for me

But it seemed to make more logical sense than what I really wanted to do

And you are doing the same thing too

You look sorted, organised…

And successful…

to everyone…


And yes, you can keep going down this path of living out the wrong life because you think it is more practical…

Or you can choose to bravely look at your true vision that is based on your true design

And you can live it out.

Yes, of course, it feels scary


but you have faced down so much more already

Did you really go through all of that to then settle for a ‘less than’ life?


We have all based our life on lies…

Lies that seem so real…

SO VERY REAL that we no longer even question what we are saying to ourselves…

I want you to really think about this…

Why is it okay to do one form of work that you do not like and make money from it…

But it is not okay to do another kind of work that serves people and that you actually adore, and MAKE MONEY FROM IT?

The surface answer is going to be something along the lines of people need this but they do not need that other thing…

But I suggest to you that that is the lie.

So go beneath that to your deeper answer…

Think about it really deeply

No one needed cars – Horses were cool enough

No one needed to fly…

No one needed comedians…

No one needed music…

No one needed cheat codes for games…

And yet, all these things are a part of the enjoyable life experience now because someone somewhere looked beyond what they thought was practical…

Bear in mind that practical is usually defined by people’s current experiences

And their experiences are LIMITED!

it takes a visionary to change things


Why can that not be you?

Does a visionary have to do big, amazing things?

Or could it even be little teeny tiny things that change life for a few people?

AS well as the big things?

Man, I am typing this with hardly any sleep over the last 24 hours as a result of delayed flights and crazy excitement that did not allow me to go to sleep at a senseible time the final night in my hotel so excuse me if the sentences do not make sense…

HEar my heart, love


Why are you imprisoning yourself in a life that you do not adore?

Why are you telling yourself some story of ‘I Have To’

Why have you forgotten your divine nature?

Why will you not go all in on your REAL life?

You will never be happy living the wrong life for you

i am sure I said this yesterday or something but well, it is what is on my heart

BEcause it has been the biggest battle of my life to surrender to my true purpose and I see you…

YOu too need to be awakened!

You are allowing money to be the boss of you

And you might even be one of those people that try to tell me you are not motivated by money but it is a lie.

This choice to live a less than life is mostly made as a result of money or the fear of the lack of money



I mean, money is really awesome

And I do love money

BUt it really does not like to have that much power over you, my love…

This is your life

You could be doing anything with it!

But yuo tell yourself story upon story about how you cannot.

Come on now!


I am soooo excited about something I am putting together

AWAKEN – Work with me, one on one for 90 days, to define your life’s purpose and then, using the Deliberate Life Method, bring to life a purpose-driven, fulfilling and prosperous life

11 people

11 Spirit-driven souls

Hungry to design a prosperous and purpose-driven life

Determined to live free, fulfilled, abundant

Driven to make a difference in this world in the way they feel called to

People who want to be beacons of love and light

People who already know their power

People not looking to be babied

People willing to do the work

But people who choose to walk alongside me so that they are coached and supported to deliberately design a prosperous life around their true design

Does that sound like you?

AWAKEN! is not for those looking for a quick fix…

It is not for those who are comfortable in their discomfort

It is for you if you are ready to do the inner and the outer work to change your life.


It starts with a 90 day coaching program

Completely personalised to you

You get access to every single program I have done in the time we are working together, as you need it.

You get a copy of SPIRIT SEX SUCCESS – A key private mentoring program to help you open up to success in all areas of life

In our time together, you will also receive an affirmative audio personalised to you and your goals

And you get unlimited access to me via email/messenger

The vision I have for you, if you are one of the 11, is huge

You will be AWAKE by the time we are done working together

How do you get on board?

We have a conversation

The Investment level goes up after each sign up so the quicker you act, the better

Lock in your spot now

Much Amazing Love

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