Why do I seem to keep voting my future away?

The Joy Of The Lord is My Strength! (25)It gets frustrating, doesn’t it?


You have ideas about what you want and yet when you try to get ‘there’, nothing seems to work. And the temptation is to give up and hope that it all works out for you without any effort from you.


But you know it won’t, will it?


You hope and pray and believe but unless you keep taking action, you are ultimately voting your future away. I know… it is frustrating.


You are one of those people who has always created whatever you want to create. You don’t really think of it as creation though, do you? You think of it as buckling down and getting to work, not like all those ‘ne’er do well’s who have had everything handed to them on a plate.


You have never had anything handed to you – you have worked hard so it is not that you are shy of hard work!


The problem is that this means too much to you.


It means so much to you that you dabble at it and back right off it when it feels like it may not be working. Because this is the ONE thing you really want to make work and you seem to struggle so hard with resistance around it.


And honey, sometimes that resistance is a hint that you must do it. It is a nudge that this is the thing you are created to do. You may dream of speaking before tons of people and spreading your message of hope but you look at your current life and all you see are responsibilities.


You cannot go off and do what you want to do… People need you and again, you have tried and it is just not working!


And yet, you have to keep moving forward.


Because if you do not, you will forever feel sad inside, like you have given up on something that could have been yours if you just buckled down and stayed in motion instead of giving up so easily.


As I say, I know it is not in your nature to give up but this is too close to your heart. I do this all the time with my music – I don’t think I am the best musician or singer or anything like that, I have just seen, (on those few occasions when I let myself out,) I have seen the impact my voice has on people.


But I face my highest resistance in this area. And I stop taking action on it, time and time again. I take a little step forward and then I back down and I quit again until the next internal (and sometimes, external) nudge reminds me again of what I am doing.


I know I need to commit to taking solid action on it and yet, when I try, the response is not as immediate as I need it to be. And I don’t believe enough IN MYSELF yet when it comes to this thing. I want that external validation right now because it is held too closely to my heart.


So, I understand how it feels to not take consistent action on the important things but that has got to stop. Or else, no matter how hard you would have worked, no matter how responsible you would have been in the mundane things and you may even get accolades for that stuff…


You will know…


You will know that you did not do THE thing you were here to do and that will be a bitter pill to swallow when you run out of time. In that moment, you will see that it was all a bunch of excuses and a waste of time.


Get into action…


Do the thing…


Start now.


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