Who Abused You & Made It Seem NOT OKAY To Be You?

Abuse comes in all shapes and sizes

The big loud obvious, shouting abuse, maybe even physical abuse – It is easy enough to tell when this is happening though you are still hiding from it because you give as good as you get but still it wounds you, reduces you, kills your spirit…

There is the quiet, almost gentle, dismantling of the person you are

In such a way that you do not even notice that you are being smaller and smaller

You start to be okay with things that you NEVER EVER would have allowed before…

You almost do not notice it is happening as it causes you to doubt yourself, wonder if you are worthy, wonder if it is all in your head and so you continue or you continued to live with it. It may be a person or an institution. Even if you did escape, there is a part of you that feels guilty for leaving the situation – Was it just you?  Was it just in your head? you wonder.  Maybe there really is something wrong with you…

Or maybe you have never NOT BEEN abused…

Since forever, you have been appeasing people, apologizing for being alive

Trying to keep their anger turned away from you, knowing that something about you must be so wrong to keep drawing out this reaction from the people you come in contact with.

Trying to figure out who the hell you are but their voices are so loud in your mind and you have forgotten, if you ever actually knew, who you are…

You are not even sure you really know what you want anymore

Though you work oh so very hard to maintain the semblance of a regular life

People even look up to you and think you have it all together

But they do not see the hidden dark places

The places where it seems if you look too closely, it will eat you up but you gotta keep showing up…

You gotta keep everyone happy

You gotta keep up appearances

And you do…

Yes you do.

You are that powerful

You keep going even though this would have broken many,

But there is an emptiness…

A pointlessness to this existence where everyone else is happy EXCEPT YOU!

You have built a ‘goodish’ life on a foundation that is not you

And you are hungry for something more

I see you, honey…

And it is time to heal and take back all of your power

You know you are born for something more, to make a difference, to positively impact the world in a bolder way than you currently are…

Are you ready to respond to the call in your heart?

I invite you to work with me, one on one, for 3-4 hours in my brand new coaching intensive – RISE!

Leave behind the past

Remember who you are

Rise up and claim all your good

It is time to rise prosperous!

There will be a practical element to move you towards the life you actually desire

There will be a mental element to heal your emotions and blocks so that you are able to maintain a life that fulfils you

Our one-on-one work is tailored to heal you and get you back on the path to your true design

7 days one on one support after the intensive

Ongoing support offered in the DSI (optional)

How do you get on board?

Message me at m.me/rosemarynonnyknight

I will send out details as soon as they are prepared and the investment goes up with each client, so the sooner you message me, the more likely you are to hold a great price.

And if you are not quite ready for that yet, join me for the FREE & SIMPLE 7 day Miracle Experiment at rosemaryNonnyKnight.com/experiment.  That will start you realising who you are, what you are worth and just how powerful you can be when you remember who you are.

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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