When you feel all you do is pointless…

When you feel like what you do is pointless

Last week, I watched Robin Williams in ‘Good Morning Vietnam!’ for the very first time – Thought-provoking.

Such a pity what happened to him.  You look at these celebrities and you think they should be happy, right?

Well, wrong?!

The appearance of success is not always actual success.

Anyway, here’s the thing that really got to me – Adrian Cronauer (the part played by Robin Williams) was enlisted by the army to lift the spirits of the troops as a radio DJ and to a lot of people, this may have been a useless position.  Entertainment is not always considered that important in a war, right?

In fact the person themselves may think that their offering is useless – After all, they are not on the frontline getting killed every day.  They may think that if all they are doing is entertaining another person then what is the point of what they do.

(The irony being that entertainers do get paid a whole lot, because regardless of what the general population MAY SAY, they do enjoy being entertained – Think of the footballers of this world!)

Maybe you feel that way about your gifts and strengths – you don’t think they are worth much and so you hide them trying to be something you are not and hating every minute of it, like I have done with my singing, speaking and writing – It seemed more useful to be a pharmacist…

So what if I hated it and it was destroying my soul to keep at it?!

Thankfully, I saw the light and after a whole lot of trial and error (read failure!), I have owned who I am and what I want to bring to the world and I make money doing exactly that. How cool!

Are you ready to do that too?

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