What If There Are No Rules?

We humans love rules…

It gives us a sense of being in control because hey, everyone knows to obey the rules, right?

And so we hope to be able to predict other people’s actions…

And yet, there are some that live outside of the rules

And that makes us uncomfortable…

It makes us scared…

Those people seem unpredictable…

They seem out of our control

OMG, they are not obeying the rules!!!

Whatever can we do?

And so more rules are made…

Hoping to get everyone to fall in line

And at the same time, there is a part of human nature that desires freedom

Freedom to make up our own minds, apart from rules…

Freedom to discover everything we are capable of, outside of the rules…

But for most, this part of us is dampened out as much as possible by distractions…

Because there is a feeling that we will be destructive if we just allowed ourselves to live free-range.

And so, these 2 opposing forces lie within us…

One seeks to conform

One seeks to be free

Which wins?

For most, the conforming wins

But for us, we are willing to look beyond the veil of rules and traditions…

Yes, it seems scary to do so

And yet, we crave freedom

We choose to trust ourselves to know what is best for ourselves

We choose to live outside the lines because we sense that that is where the real ‘us’ lives…

We see this vision of how freeing life could be beyond the veil

The Divine within calls us to it

And our thirst for more will not be assuaged except by going beyond the veil

And we have already tried to live within the lines

It got us so far but it did not satisfy in the way we were promised

By religion

By education

By family

By government

We found out that these things just sought to control us, not allow us to be free

And so we break free DELIBERATELY

Taking one step at a time

Learning to trust our own intuition again

Knowing that the Divine will never steer us wrong

And so we let go of the safety of the shore

And we go free range

Who knows what we will find there

But there is the exhilaration of freedom mixed with fear and we feel sooooo alive finally

There are no rules

Except the ones we make

And we choose to make them deliberately, not passively follow anyone else’s

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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