Do You Have A Wealth Mindset? – 3 Reasons You Don’t Make The money You Know You Could Be Making Yet

Wealth Mindset

We live in an age where creating wealth is becoming increasingly easier and yet the people remain caught up in poverty. Maybe, you wonder why you are not wealthy yet and you keep looking for all the tips, tricks and strategies available to help you get rich but have you stopped to think that it may be your thinking getting in the way?

If there is anyone in your environment who seems to be doing okay and you are not, then surely, you see that there are changes you must make to the way you approach wealth attraction.

Here are 3 reasons that may be getting in your way.

  1. You are not investing in your educationFor some reason, you seem to think that schooling ended when you left school and so you do what you must to keep a hold of a career you no longer completely enjoy but you do not do the REAL work of gaining an education that will enable you to be rich.There is so much information available now so that is certainly not the issue but you choose to undervalue yourself and refuse to invest in ongoing development in the areas that you want to build your life around.Be curious. Choose to find out more about your strengths. Choose to apply that information into your every day life and you will find that you expand beyond your current career into a business that enables you to flourish and creates an abundance of wealth for you and your family.
  2. You Have Not Made A Solid Decision To Be WealthyYou think you have but really, you have not. Take a look at your life and see that everything you currently have, you took personal responsibility to achieve. Your career was a matter of a strong will and determination to succeed, the house you live in is a result of the same, the car you drive is also a result of the same tenacity.The problem for you is that you believe that you are only capable of what you have currently so that is what you get. You worked hard to get to this level but then you assumed that it was now okay to settle down and enjoy it because anything more would be greedy. You still feel dissatisfied but you find it hard to really believe you can have any more so you are not fully committed to making it happen.And so, you stay in place. Today, choose to set yourself a new goal and refuse to back down until you achieve it. It is all within your power. You have already achieved a lot, do not stop now just because you have flawed thinking about what you are allowed to have.

    The power dwells within you. Use it!

  3. You Give Money Too Much of a Bad MeaningYou judge the rich as bad internally. You also internally crave the wealth but how can you allow yourself to get it if you think you have to be someone evil in order to get it. So, you quietly get in your own way and stop yourself from doing the work that will result in wealth. You make it sound noble, for sure… You are being a parent and so you cannot take the time to work on your business…You are being a partner so again, you can not focus on wealth creation as that will destroy the relationships in your life…You think that the only people you know who are wealthy are too self-centred and too concerned with making money but you do not realize that the best way to wealth is through faith, family and hard work. So, all the things you value do not have to be thrown away in your quest for wealth. They can be a part of it. Money means nothing until you give it a meaning and you are currently giving it an empowering or disempowering meaning. And that is determining your results to date.

So, tell me what you think?

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