We Walk By Faith & Not By Sight

We walk by faith and not by sight

We walk by faith and not by sight


And sometimes, sight-walking calls us in…

Convinces us that we are failing

Convinces us that there is no hope

And it feels hard, so hard to keep reverting back to the faith-walk

And yet, do you want to settle or do you want the abundant life?

Do you want to be the inventive creator of amazing things that serve others as well as allow you full self-expression or not?

We walk by faith and not by sight

These cannot be words that we sing about, we pretend to believe when everything is working gloriously in the physical realm…


If we are to bring about the expansive amazing life that we desire…

The life that is so much more than what we have now…

Then we must also be able to hold on in times of great stress and strain

At times, when it feels like the heavens are closed

At times when it feels like nothing is working

EVEN THEN we fall back into the vision

The vision we carry in our heart

The vision we have carried for so long and the vision we have worked for…

And so, we keep our eyes on the prize

We never back down

We never stop moving forward

We refuse to see what our eyes and fear mind would tell us to look at

We see only the vision

We love from the vision

We do the next thing that the vision demands


Nothing was created by just looking at what is, and trying to make do.

All great things were created by those who saw through the physical reality into what could be

It was like they were given a vision that no one else could see

It was like the Divine kept pulling them forward

And I know it feels to you like you are just not that special and your vision is not that big a deal

And so you think that you are deluding yourself to think that things can work for you

But honey, so did the visionaries you look up to now…

They too felt at some points in the journey “Am i deluded? Am I just engangering my family for no good reason? Am I just bigheaded in thinking that I can do this thing?  Where are you, God?”

And yet, despite that…


You can do this too


The only question is…


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Much Amazing Love

RoemaryNonny Knight

The Prosperity Minister


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