Wake Up To The Creative Depths Within You




It is all in you

Everything you desire ‘out there’ is formed first in you…

See the picture of it

Know that it is yours

And get to work bringing it to life

As it is with the Divine, there is a creative spark within you too

Ideas that are yours to create

Ideas that will change your life, your family’s life, your community, your nation…

If you will look beyond the fear and begin to create…

You know there is more to you than meets the eye


And now it is time to stop with all the stressing out

Start to breathe again deeply and get back in touch with the Divine centre within you…

Listen to what bubbles up within you

And take action

There is no mistake about you being here

There is no mistake about the dreams and desires within you

Stop fighting them

Stop trying to make them smaller

Just accept that they are what you are here to create

Accept that you are part of the big jigsaw puzzle that is this planet

You have a place

Your creative vision has a place


You can have all the resources you desire to bring your true dream to life but no, sorry, honey, you cannot have the prosperity you desire while trying to live the fake life

Of course, you will always struggle to do that


So stop trying so hard to be prosperous at the wrong life and instead get to work, creating the right life for you

Get to work following that spark within you

You already see what your life could look like when you are living to your true design

So please stop deceiving yourself and stop listening to the regular people around you who keep telling you to do the reasonable thing

Who do you know that changed the world doing the reasonable thing?


ACT on that faith

Faith is not faith unless there is an accompanying action to bring what you envision to life

Come on now!

You claim to be a spiritual being

You claim to be connected to the Divine

Then why the heck do you continually act from a place of fear?

Yes, I understand the fear, I have felt and still feel it…

But it does not get to control you

It does not get to tell us what we can or cannot do!

Does it?!!

Come on now!

You are born to create an amazing life – Stop settling for a YUK one

Wake up to the creative depths within you and start putting that stuff out into the world…

Love yourself enough to do it

And definitely love the people you are called to serve enough to tell them all about what you have for them

This is the path of true fulfilment

Looking deep into your soul…

Seeing what is there

And bringing it to life as you co-create a purpose-driven life with the Divine


That is who you are

So, wake up to the creative depths within you

Dare to shine your light

Expect your every desire and want to be met as you get on the narrow path to your destiny

YOU WILL NEVER WANT when you choose to live to your true design and go all in

The world awaits your awakening.

Will you please wake up?!

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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