What Do You Do When Your Vision Seems Unrealistic In The Face Of Bleak Reality?

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You are conflicted, aren’t you?

In the silence, you know your purpose – You have always known it!

Since you were young, you knew you were called to something in particular…

To impact people in a significant way…

But it does not seem practical…

You don’t think it will make you all that much money

And you doubt yourself!

You feel called to this work but you spend more time hiding away from doing the work than actually doing it!

And you tell yourself to be practical…

You have responsibilities…

You don’t know how to monetize this…

And frankly, why would anyone pay you to have fun doing what you are born to do?

It even feels selfish to think that you can do that!

You are surrounded by practical people and in fact, you pride yourself on being pretty practical and not given to crazy flights of fancy…

But there you are, with your big fancy dream and the conflict remains…


And yes, honey, you choose the scraps when you refuse to figure out a way to make your vision a reality!

Why do you think some mistake was made when you received the vision?

Why do you think you are somehow exempt from finding a way to live out your purpose, simply because you are scared?!

How crazy!

Somewhere out there, your people, the ones you are born to impact are waiting for you to show up…

They are waiting for you to solve their problem and they will pay you well…

But you are caught in this vicious cycle of feeling high one day then feeling low for the next 10 days…

And you think that that exempts you from showing up…

Don’t you understand that…


SHINE Your Light!

Do it for your people

But mostly do it because you want to

You, deep down, desperately want to because you have seen in your imagination what life could look like if you fully committed and you want all of it!


Forget what the back seat drivers say!



Take a moment, right now, to remember your vision…

Write it out…

Then ask “What is the best thing I can do next to get here?”

Let your intuition deliver an answer


And you do that over and over AND OVER AGAIN!

You are absolutely born to make history…

To impact the lives of your people with your product, service, books, music, art…

To step up into government or the media limelight

To help families, young people, women, men…

You have a specific call and though, it seems impractical compared to the regular things you could be doing…


Choose to go all the way in!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

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