There is a unique path to your abundance and wealth – Take it!

Your path has not yet been discovered by anyone else.

I mean, your path to wealth – The abundant wealth that you dream about where there are no more worries about the bills, the college loan payments, the house payments and all of that…

Your path to ‘there’ is waiting on you to discover it.

Yes, you can learn principles and techniques to put a foundation in the business of your dreams but then, it is simply on you to deliberately design the rest of it.

And you can do this…

You really can.

I understand the fear and the trepidation around even making a start and if you have made a start, you keep stop-starting because you are uncertain about whether you have what it takes…

But you do!

You always have had what it takes!

You always have been able to do the work you feel called to do because it is a part of your make-up.  You were created with EXACTLY the right amount of skill and ability to make those dreams, those visions happen.

However, you need to learn to trust those little whispers…

They are always there, telling you that this or that is the way to go but you are not listening because the fear is overshadowing the possibility and wonder of being on your own path.

Today could be the day you wake up and live.

Will you let it be?

No, the full complete path will not be clear and as I already said, no one has yet discovered your own path because you design the path by taking this first step that you see to take…

And then when you have done that, the next step appears…

And then when you have taken that one, the next step appears…

And so on it goes until you get to where you intended to go from the start.

And no, no one can completely predict for you exactly what your path is going to look like but if you are blessed AND WISE, you will find a mastermind group or a coach to support you as you walk through what can sometimes be perceived to be THE FIRE.

Yes, you can try to do it alone but let’s be honest now… What will keep you on path when you really do feel like you are walking through the fire?  And when everyone around you cannot understand why you persist in putting yourself through it when your life is perfectly okay the way it is?

They will think you are crazy for giving up a good thing to go after an unknown thing and they would be right!

Except it is your brand of crazy that changes the world for the better so SO WHAT if you are a little crazy?!

Enough waiting around for some other confirmation…

Make a start today!

The world awaits your awakening!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to life.

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