Pretending That A Lie Is True Does Not Make It True

The truth will set you free

Lots of people, possibly even you and I, go through life believing things that are just not true.  I mean the evidence tells you that it is not true but you are determined to believe it.

Mostly because you have always believed it.

Someone said something to your 5 year old self and it has not been questioned since.

The truth will set you freeAn incident happened when you were 8 and now, it is truth forever…


Just because you refuse to question things does not make a lie, the truth.

It just becomes a roadblock in your path.

It holds you back from living the life you want to lead, doing the work you are born to do and creating the wealth you want.  And all because you refuse to question the lies that have now become YOUR truth.

And because you have made it a truth, you only ever see the result that you want to see.

And even when it seems not to be following your way of thinking, you still hold on to the lie.

Ignorance is NOT bliss, honey!

Especially not ignorance that can be avoided if you would just get deliberate about the thoughts running around in your mind.

From birth, you have taken on beliefs that were not yours and now, you still own them even though you could question them.  You make smap judgements about yourself and about others based on the fallacies that you believe.

And the truth offers you a chance to get clear, to get healed, to be free.

This is not some religious thing, though you may need to question some of your religious ‘hand me down’ beliefs about God.

This is about you being free and healed and wealthy.

Will you be brave to allow the truth to set you free?

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