This Is Where To Place Your Focus So That All Problems Go Away

There is a way to live life free of the normal problems that most people face…

It is simple to do

Not easy, mind you.

But definitely simple.

You have always known you can do this but somehow, everyday life deceives you into leaving your powers behind and focusing on the present problem which really does nothing but make the problem seem bigger.

And I do know that some people manage to fix their problems by focusing on them but usually, they simply get replaced with another problem of the same calibre or worse and so, life becomes a series of fixing problems.

That sounds like no fun to me.

But hey, who said that life had to be fun?!

Well, I DO!

I believe life can be fun and easy

I believe life can feel free, fulfilled and abundant

I believe every single soul gets to experience prosperity in all areas of life

I believe we are all here as love on this planet

And that last point is where I am going with this.


It can sound both powerful and weak all at the same time.

To the fear-driven soul, love seems weak and something to sing about at church or something but not really useful in the real world and so, they get to keep their fear-driven existence.

That used to be me so certainly no judgments from me

It is hard to see any other way of living when you have always been driven by fear.

And yet, there is another way and it also magically causes problems to fade away

That way is to focus on being love

Focus on feeling love for all that you do

Focus on things you love to do

Just let everyday life become about being love, feeling love, spreading love, experiencing love

Love, love, LOVE!

And guess what happens when you do that?

Anything that is not love, begins to fall away from you

All those problems begin to disappear

or they get transformed into games that you enjoy playing

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little challenge when you know that you are loved, safe, fully supported…

EVERYTHING wrong with it when you think it is going to take you down and you are alone, living in a hostile universe.

I know it might seem like I am saying that you just learn how to put up with problems more cheerily but it goes deeper than that.

Again I say…When you are being love and allowing love, and living in a loving way, doing only things you love, ANYTHING that is not love fades away.

As you continue to shift your mind back to love, everything that is not love disappears, drops off, becomes a game

Life feels easy and fun as you are love.

And it is tough to see it when you are living on the fear side of the equation, it might even sound like I am selling you a fairy tale and yet, deep within you, is a feeling that if you could just get this, your life will change.

And yes, it is true. Life will change when you surrender to love.

And this is active surrender because you have to deliberately turn your mind back towards love even when it is drawn to worry and be afraid and go back into problem-solving mode.

If you want to quantum leap out of a life that is just one problem to the next






Stop trying to fix this fear-driven life!

I am not sure how else to say it.

Hope you understand.

Come into the OPULENCE CIRCLE, let me immerse you in this idea until it takes root in your soul.

Well, actually, there is already the seed there but it is encased in weeds which are killing it so what I will really do, is help you uncover the real you.

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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