There Is Purpose In The Pain. Stay On Path

“The Stone Which The Builders Rejected Has Now Become The Cornerstone”

From The Bible

You have created a pretty good life, despite many challenges

It is a life you can be proud of

It is not quite where you would like it to be…yet

And there are elements of it that do not feel right

But overall, you can, and do, look at your life and you feel proud

However, there are moments when you just cannot figure out why it had to be so hard

Why it sometimes still feels so hard

It feels like you have always have to work harder, push harder, BE harder than most people in order to win

And it gets tiring at times

Though you will never give up

You are used to hard work

And you will keep going until you drop

But still, you wonder why it has to be hard

Is this really life?

Does it always have to feel like some battleground?

Do you always have to fight for every piece of the pie?

And as a spiritual person, you wonder where the Divine is in all this struggle?

You hear from other spiritual leaders that life can be fun and lovely but that has never been your experience.


Are you less loved?

Are you weirdly unique?

Why has it been so hard, you wonder?

And I guess there are 2 ways you can look at this…

1.You are a victim of a callous, hostile universe.  Destined to struggle.  Destined to be the bottom of the pile except for all your fight and push and hustle.  Angry, broken, Unfulfilled, filled with an unspoken despair, BUT STILL FIGHTING, of course.


2. You are a leader, a wayshower, an influencer, a teacher of a new way. Destined to overcome.  Destined to learn the lessons and to teach those lessons so that others can build a life on the new level you have created.


I believe that you CHOSE this path…

I believe you KNEW that you would overcome your trials and teach others that they can too

I believe you are a forerunner for a new generation of leaders

I believe that your path is unique which makes you wonder why you are so different

I believe that if you will fully own your role as MESSENGER OF LIGHT, rather than victim of life, then you will realise that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING you have been through has been in vain.

While in victim energy, you can feel as though you have been singled out to be punished

While in MESSENGER energy, you can know that you had a choice and you chose to serve in this way.


There is so much purpose to your pain, if you choose the purpose-driven path

Yes, you can keep your eyes just on the physical reality and never really see the truth of why you chose this path…

That would be unfortunate because your people await your full awakening

Or you could reconnect even more powerfully to the Divine and ask to be fully shown your TRUE DESIGN

What are you here to accomplish?

Who are you, really?

I KNOW that if you look deep within your heart, you will realise that those dreams that you have almost begun to lay down as childish fantasies, are telling you what you are here to do and it has to do with the pain you have overcome.

Will you waste more time feeling victimised?

Or will you awaken and begin to shine that light?

Yes, there is healing

But that happens as part of you living your TRUE DESIGN path

You don’t just sit around seeking healing and expect to find it, you just find more reasons to feel sorry for yourself and more things to heal.

If you choose however to drop the victim story completely, you will prosper.

I know you are not someone who goes round feeling sorry for yourself but you are someone who, though you are working very hard, you are reacting to the pain and working very hard at the wrong stuff because the right stuff is veiled behind all the pain!

You MUST see through the veil of pain to the message you carry within and pull that out and live to that

SO AWAKEN, New Breed Leader

Begin to live to your TRUE DESIGN

You want to anyway

So stop holding back

Stop retelling the sad stories

Start connecting to the Divine from a more empowered place

Ask for the illusions to be lifted so you can truly see the magnificent life you are here to create


I am here to call you out

The work I do with you goes beyond just building a highly-profitable online business doing only what you love and are called to…

It also goes to healing you so that you are the NEW BREED leader you are born to be

I do not buy into the surface stories, I see beneath them to the powerful leader you are called to be

If you are done with sad stories being on your mind and feeling like you are working very very hard to get hardly anywhere

AND if you are ready to build a highly-profitable, purpose-driven business based on your true design

AND you are also willing to handle any wounds you took on from religion or family

then you need to ENROL

Pop over now to and grab your spot

This is the program to teach you to…

🔴Brand yourself online AUTHENTICALLY – you do not have to be like anyone, you do not have to do things like anyone, you are new breed leader, you will learn how to take the principles I teach in this program and make them yours as you simply learn how to be ALL OF YOU boldly

🔴 Grow that audience of people who adore what you have to say and who NEED TO hear it.  These will be people who also want to buy, buy, buy from you at the price you want to sell.

🔴 BE the one that YOUR PEOPLE are checking on each day as you deliver messages that change lives – you will take the limits off as you take part in this program.  Even your marketing will serve your people

🔴 Build those sales pages in an authentic manner with a step by step plan given to make it so easy to create an information page that will touch hearts and help them see how what you have on offer will help them

🔴 Create offers that ACTUALLY help and that PEOPLE want to buy – Receive emails from YOUR PEOPLE telling you just how thankful they are to you for creating your offers because you learn how to tap into the heart of your people and give them EXACTLY what they want and need

🔴 Build recurring income into your business and automate receiving money so that you can focus on doing the work you feel called to do

🔴 Map out a sequence of products at various price points that will take your people through a process that will change their life and also provide you with a predictable income stream doing ONLY work you WANT TO DO

🔴 Make sales calls EASY (if you need to do them) as you learn my simple system for getting people on the phone and what to say and do to get the right ones to sign up

🔴 Handle any money mindset issues that you may have that get in the way of simply asking to be paid for the work you do.  The workman deserves his pay, do you not know?!  Enough holding back from asking for the sale.  You are keeping your people from their elevated life when you hold your own self back in this manner.  Let us get this handled once and for all.

🔴 My desire is that you are selling well before the program is completed and as long as you are committed to showing up and asking for support, you can be sure that this will be your story.  Expect to build a global business that makes at least $5k each month easily and then fully expect to scale it up from there.


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