There are no ‘shoulds’ – Stop Limiting Yourself & Be Wealthy

there are no shoulds, Be Wealthy

there are no shoulds, Be Wealthy

Why do you willingly choose to give up your freedom?

Why do you willingly lay down your choice?

As you try so hard to fit into the confines others have created for you, how does it help you grow?

You get so scared of trying new things just incase you offend the ‘powers that be’ and so you strip yourself of choice and freedom and instead limit yourself to the ‘shoulds’ that others define for you.

How can you ever hope to be all that you are created to be if you limit your choices?

How can you ever hope to grow your business and/or live to your full potential when the things you must do to expand may cause you to question the limits you have willingly taken on, even though they are not YOUR limits.

They are not your true limits!

You have just assumed that they are for so long now, that to live any other way would feel ‘wrong’ to you.

What if I said, there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’?

There is just what you choose to do and what you choose to do next when you experience the consequence.

That is it.

You can judge the action as bad or evil because of the consequence…

Or you can choose to see that when you name it that way, you limit yourself.

You allow your fear about the consequence to define whether you learn what is to be learnt from it.

You allow what others name ‘wrong’ to define what you allow yourself to do.

And yes, it may feel comfortable to allow your boundaries to be set for you by some other person who possibly had your best interests at heart…

It may even feel comfortable to judge others who do not follow those same boundaries you have chosen to live by…

But what does it really get you?

A small, self-righteous life of limitations and ‘shoulds’

Where is the fun and abundance in that?

You are created to be free!

You are created to explore, to experiment, TO CHOOSE WHO YOU WILL BE, to decide what you will have and to powerfully do whatever you choose to do…

But you keep living by ‘what I should do’ and ‘what I should not do’

How weak is that!

Especially when you consider that most of these ‘shoulds’ that you live by have been defined by someone else.  Yes, you can learn from the experiences of another but when you go as far as allowing someone else’s ‘shoulds’ to define all aspects of your life, it becomes stifling!

Why are you scared of someone else just like you?  I know you do not think of it that way and yet, I wonder how many times the thought pops into your head ‘what will they think of me if I do this?’.

Why are you scared of God who is completely for you? He/The Universe is completely on your side.  You were created with free will for a reason!

Why do you choose to live this small, limited life that may seem good enough to the world but there is a part of you that knows you are capable of so much more and there is even a part of you that wants to wake up and experience it all but…

But you don’t think you ‘should’!

You are scared that it would be greedy and selfish – who defined selfishness for you?

You are scared that you will be a bad parent – Who defined good parenting for you?

You are scared you will lose your friends – who defined what a good friend is for you?

You are scared that you will not be liked – Who defined what ‘likeable’ is for you?

You are scared that you will lose your relationship with your Creator – Who defined spirituality for you?

Stop living in a little box of ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’.

Live a wide open life of experience, of wealth, of impact.

You are created in the image of God.

You are created to lead.

You set the rules.

You are in a room with no walls.

The only limitation is the one inside your head.

Choose freedom instead.

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.


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