Their Dreams Are Not More Important Than Yours

Day after day, you support others…

You help them sort out their issues

You care for them

Work for them

You try to save them from their dramas

Stand in the gap for them

Pray for them

Love them

When will it be your turn?

Even as I ask that question, you feel guilty…

You wonder if it is selfish for you to think of your own needs and desires…

Surely, you have to put everyone else first

It is the nice thing to do, isn’t it?

To lay down your life for others, right?

Except inside of you, there is a wondering when it will be your time

You dabble at a few things that are just for you

But most of the time, your own thing gets put on the shelf because there are more urgent needs that others have and they have enrolled you to help them with it…

Whether it is the boss

Or the children

Or the partner

Parents, friends

Pastor, siblings

Everyone needs something from you

And you have willingly given to them for years



When will you find the time to live your own dreams?

When will you find the time to have your own adventures?

You keep getting older

And all the promises you made to yourself 12 months ago, are still left undone

So many half-done projects

Businesses started and stopped

And all the while, you have been supporting and helping everyone else


And the only way you get to live the life you desire is to TAKE BACK YOUR TIME

To finally start loving yourself enough to say NO

To finally get very specific about what you want

And to ask for assistance from the Divine


Everyone will continue to find things for you to do, until you finally stand your ground and decide to make yourself a priority

You are worthy of the best of everything, honey

But you gotta be willing to define what that is for you and get to creating it

You can be destined for greatness all day long but until you willingly and BOLDLY claim and start taking action towards greatness, nothing will change


You are leader of the new breed – intuitive, practical and everyone in your world knows it which is why they have come to depend on your wisdom and strength to help them out

But now, you better start loving yourself enough to rise up or else, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!

You know this is true


Be the history maker you are born to be

You sense power within you

Learn how to wield it

It is not pride for you to admit that you are born for greatness

It is not humility to hide your strengths


Love yourself enough to WAKE UP!

Come work with me in the OPULENCE CIRCLE…

Let’s design a life of freedom, fulfilment and financial abundance

You will be able to help more people when you are coming from a place of strength yourself

You will begin waking up feeling amazing and energized when you get on your true design path

I will teach you how to make at least $5K online in your own business


It is YOUR time…

Stop settling for the dregs.

Boldly claim the best of everything!

Much Amazing Love

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