The One Huge Deterrent To Getting Everything You Want In Life And Business

Detterent to your success

Fear!  Is this why you are still stuck and trapped in a life you no longer enjoy?

I know that was what held me back for years and it still has the power to do that on a lot of days, except I just move anyway.  I would rather move afraid than stay stuck.

So… be honest with yourself – What makes you think that there is no other way?  And why have you accepted this version of life, as a norm for you?

Yes, it is fear.

Fear that you will choose to do one thing and it will fail…

Fear that you will choose to spend money on an idea and it will fail and then you will be unable to make any more money and die a poor person…

Fear that you will say what you really think to the people in your life and they will up and leave you and you will be alone for the rest of your life…

Fear that you just do not have what it takes to create the life and the business that you so completely want…

Fear, fear, fear and what does that get you?

This life that you do not completely want.

Yes, it is okay and definitely better than having nothing at all but really, you know you are settling.

And you are even working hard to maintain it as well, which is just plain crazy.  After all, even getting this life, this thing you are settling for, took guts once upon a time.  You stepped away from the familiarity of your parent’s house and you stepped into your own thing.  Yes, I know it was what all your mates were doing at the time and so it felt normal to do but it still took guts to become your own person.

And that is exactly what this change will demand of you… GUTS!

Guts to determine clearly what you want.

Guts to decide that it is absolutely possible for you to make it happen.

Guts to decide that whatever anyone throws at you, you have the ability to handle.

Guts to spend the money on getting the mentoring and guidance you know you need to have in order to make sure that you know the foundational principles and also to ensure you do not loose heart mid journey.

Guts to believe that what you invest in your business, in yourself is not wasted because YOU are more than capable of creating more money anytime you truly make a decision to do it.

Guts to believe that you are capable of creating whatever you can imagine.

Guts to believe that there is a way to share your message, even when it seems crazy, with the people who need to hear it.

Yes, it takes guts.

And you do have them, there is no doubt about that but yet, you stay put, you stay stuck, you stay in place.

And I get it, I KNOW what that can be like.

You are dissatisfied with the ‘now’ and yet what you do want seems fuzzy, unclear and impossible.

The journey from here to there seems too big for you but you want it.

Make a choice…

A solid firm decision that you are going to make it happen or die trying.

It is on that kind of madness that miracles happen.

And you have that madness inside of you…

The thing is you are surrounded by ‘norms’ and they keep feeding you the idea that you have to be like them.

You need to be surrounded by a new set of people and you need to be exposed to a new way of thinking.

I have an idea for you – Let’s have a fierce conversation – Yes, I know it sounds a little bit scary when I put it that way but all I mean, is that we need to get to the crux of the matter when it comes to the life you are living now and the life you would rather be living.  Let’s look at that objectively and put a plan in place to get you all you want.  Interested?  Pop over to and lets book something in.

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want.

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