Allow the old to pass away

Do not hold on so tight to the relationships…

The job…

The stuff…

Allow that which wants to leave, leave…

Know in your heart of hearts that the new arrives

And the new will be sooo much better than the old

You are growing from glory to glory as you allow in the new

Do not see yourself as fickle

Do not see yourself as uncaring and unfeeling…



Allow that which is no longer yours, to go…

Release it

Open your hand

There is abundance

An overflow of all the things you really want

But you gotta create space for ALL THE THINGS

The quicker you allow the old to go

The quicker the new arrives

Just let go

You have been praying and longing for change

And yet, you have also been holding on to the same old, same old

Can you not see that you get in the way of the new thing you deeply desire?

It is scary at times to let go of what is OK

For goodness’ sake, some even hold on to what is NOT ok!

Because it is familiar

It is all they have ever known

And they are not sure if they are worthy of better

YOu sometimes, feel unsure that you can create better

You sometimes wonder why you cannot be happy with what is

And you keep trying to force yourself to fit in a space that is not a great fit for you

Honey, trust and release

Allow yourself to let go of the old

Release the attachments to the people, things, places

You hear the call within you to let go

It is ok.

Let go in peace so that you do not have to go through the pain and suffering of letting go under duress…

Let go in peace so that you can go full speed ahead to your prosperous destiny

Allow the old to pass away

Allow the new to come

Yes, it is time to transition…

To move away from things that have kept you small

And to move into things that expand and allow you to go from glory to glory

There is a shift a-coming right now

If you are willing

I invite you to work with me to bring it about quickly

To make the transition fast and smooth

8 Weeks in a private group together

5 days on, 2 days off, you receive audio/video training to enable you to connect with the Divine, clarify your vision & purpose, clear anything that holds you back and discover how to create the life you desire while taking aligned action.

4 live coaching calls to see what you cannot see alone

Expect change

Expect to transition to a place of wholeness, peace, prosperity and purpose

Surely, it is time to shift out of stagnancy and stuckness

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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