The Marketplace Does Not Freaking Care About Your Reasons Why You Can’t Make $5K+ In Your Own Online Business

I hear you…

You feel like you are the wrong colour

The wrong race

You feel the marketplace honours the blonde and the beautiful and you do not feel like you fit into either category

You live in the wrong place – Country or town

Your parents are not well connected

And you feel the marketplace honours those born in the rich places and with well-heeled connections

You are super-spiritual and long for deeper spiritual connection with your higher power and other people

You are sweet and kind and want win-win situations for everyone when you do business

And you feel like the marketplace honours the cutthroat, the competitive and those who will do anything to earn a buck

(For goodness’ sake, that would be a reason to SHOW UP MORE POWERFULLY in the marketplace as the spirit-driven soul that you are…

Show the marketplace how good business can be done rather than complaining about those who do not know any better!)

Ultimately, whatever, whatever, WHATEVER reason you are giving yourself for not even trying to make $5K in your own online business, is a lie.


The marketplace is no respecter of persons

If you can help people and you can demonstrate to them via your marketing & sales processes that you can help them

People will buy from you

The marketplace will make room for you

Money is no respecter of persons

If you will allow it to flow to you by simply doing what makes you available for more of it, then you can have as much as you are willing to create


Stop looking at the blonde, beautiful, connected, rich, unspiritual as some kind of example

Do you not freaking know who you are?


You contain so much power within you

You are not subject to human-made rules

Nothing out there is your source

You simply need to DECIDE what you want and begin creating it

Do the inner work

Do the outer work


Be relentless

Stop buying into stories

Stop getting taken off course by your stories

Stop settling for a ‘less-than’ existence because of your crazy stories

The only thing stopping you, Is YOU!


Are you done with being the only thing in your way?

Then I invite you to grab a free copy of my Amazon Bestselling Book – the Deliberate Millionaire’s FREEDOM book: Live free, wealthy and on purpose at

Surely, it is time to stop living for the weekend and start doing what you want, when you want… Deliberately

Much Amazing Love

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