The Enemy Is You & The Saviour Is You

Today, I got to thinking about battle as I downloaded the words from the Divine for #SpiritSpeak in the Opulence Circle

It was fighting talk

It was about going into battle for the prosperous life we desire

It was about not lying down and taking the nonsense that we dish out to ourselves

I know some would like to think there is some outside devil trying to steal away destinies

But you know what?!

That is just an excuse for not doing the inner work required to clear the way for your own destiny

Because whether you realise or not

The enemy is you and the saviour is ALSO you

You self-sabotage

And you save

You pull yourself down

And you pick yourself up

You are in a boxing ring with yourself

Circling yourself

Beating yourself

And finally winning over yourself so that you are all completely on the same side

Or not, if you give in before the battle is won

All the second-guessing and over-thinking

All the guilt, shame you indulge

All the misery you put up with in relationships

All the food you eat that makes you feel unhealthy and YUK

All the distractions you indulge, in order to stop facing yourself

All these things and more are you acting in opposition to your own prosperous life

You don’t need no devil to come make you do it

You are doing quite well on your own, if you are honest!

And yet, as you have the ability to pull yourself down, you also have increased ability to lift yourself up


Literally containing the power to create anything you desire

Which can unfortunately be used against your very own awesome self

But you can turn it around

You can start trusting yourself again

You can do the inner work of cleaning and clearing

You can get focused on the thing that you desire to create with your life

And start taking steady, consistent steps towards it, while listening to the inner guidance that comes from connection to Source within you…

You can choose not to indulge the crazy voice inside of you that seeks to pull you back to ‘safety’

You can love it for trying to protect you but see it also for what it is – An enemy, if you let it be one

I am all for self-love of the dark and the light sides of one’s nature

But I am also for taking total responsibility to move in the direction one deliberately chooses

Rather than being controlled by the whims of old worldly conditioning.

Yes, my love, you are both the enemy and the saviour

Allow the saviour part of you to win

Your prosperous life calls


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister

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