You are sitting on the fence, wondering…

“Will it work?”

“Can I really live life completely on my terms?”

“Can I create a prosperous life while being completely myself?”

It feels impossible from where you sit…

It feels like you have to conform and be what others want you to be, in order to be given the money that will feed your family and give you a few treats here and there…

And yes, though there is a yearning within you to be totally yourself, changing lives, creating wealth while doing it, it just seems too unreal.

And so you sit on the fence…

Waiting for certainty

Accepting whatever scraps the world gives you…

Wanting to be told every single step before you move in the direction of your true vision…

And Papa wants you to know that the end is sure

The game is set to work in your favour

But the question is “What end goal are you working towards?”

Because your only mission in life is to decide on what you truly want, to hold that vision clear of fear, clear of crazy beliefs and ideas that contradict it, to follow the intuitive nudges…

And His role as co-creator is to line up the circumstances and people and events that will bring your vision to life and point you in the right direction…

However, right now, your vision seems to be about failure…

About how it all cannot work for you

About how it seems too impossible

And you can have that end vision too…

Because the end is always sure

And you have free will

Wherever you hold your mind is where you will ultimately end up

AS sure as day follows night

As sure as the law of gravity

Wherever you decide is a sure thing, will become a physical sure thing soon enough

So notice

Be aware

What are you thinking about?

What are you deciding is absolutely sure?

What are you committed to?

Because again, honey, the end is sure

And it is right now, written in your mind and heart…

Are you holding a clear vision of what you want…

Or what you do not want?

Which vision are you giving more emotion and feeling to?

You are too powerful to leave your mind and emotions and imaginings to chance

You gotta be vigilant

You gotta watch that energy!

You are always creating and the end is ALWAYS sure

And you win

The question is “What are you winning at?”

I prepared something for you…

Answer me this…

  • Have you been praying for something and it feels like a long time in coming?  
  • Are you wondering if you are positioning yourself right to receive the abundance that you know is your birthright?  
  • Are you frustrated that things never seem to come that easy to you, even though you have had faith forEVER?!

If yes, then WHILE YOU WAIT is exactly what you need

Position yourself to receive what you desire

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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