The Divine Does Not Need You To Be In Lack

For so long, I bought into the idea that the Divine held things back from me

I even believed (though I would never have admitted it!) that if I wanted something then it was almost certain that the Divine would keep it from me to teach me a lesson or because I was too proud or some other such holy sounding reason…

And also that the chances were that The Divine would call me to go to some back of beyond place to be a missionary with no running water and where the locals were likely to chop me up and eat me for sport…

Yes, I literally believed these things…

The Divine, in my mind, seemed determined to steal, kill and destroy me

Though again, I would never have admitted that I felt this way…

This, partnered with my sad story, meant everything felt like a struggle…

Especially since there was a part of me that longed for the Divine

I also deep down knew that I was loved by the Divine

Though the kind of love that seemed to be whispered about inside of me, seemed at odds with the love that was dispensed from the front of church, by the adults in my life who supposedly knew better than me or even what I read in the holy book…

And then through a series of events, over years and years, the Divine led me to realising that what I felt inside of me was real

That there was unconditional love

That it was not blasphemous to think that He loved me in this way…

That there were a lot less rules than I had been led to believe

That I was not about to be struck by lightning because I had huge dreams and visions…

That it was not a mistake that I was female with these big ideas and visions…

And that I was holding myself back from all the good when I believed the nonsense…

It served no one for me to be trapped in this poor thinking that also meant I felt I had to struggle for every little dime and I could never have a surplus because that would be greedy and HOW DARE I?!

And so, the clearing began and continues

And I wonder what your story is…

Do you resonate with some or all of what I thought and believed?

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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