It Takes Courage To Sell You

Share Your Voice

You do know that you are THE product of your online business, right?

And you do know that that is why you struggle so much to sell anything in your business?

There is a part of you that doubts yourself and actually does not like yourself.  You know all the mistakes you have made, you know all the silly things you do.  You have lived with you for a very long time!  So you are well aware of your flaws!

And now you are in business, trying to share your voice, whether it is in the form of information products that you put together to tell people what you know and to help them with your experience, knowledge, skills or whether it is your art, your writing, your music, there is a part of you that thinks you do not deserve to have any attention and so, you hold back.


Your imperfections, flaws, mistakes are a part of your voice…

Your wins, experiences, strengths are also a part of your voice…

It is the good and the bad that your people need to see and hear…

It is the whole package, the WHOLE HUMAN PACKAGE that will help your people win.

And you do want them to win, right?

So get over yourself!

Rejoice in your humanity and stop thinking that people want any more than who you are.

Stop thinking that your hunger to be more than who you are is a reflection of what your people think and realise that though you are always hungry to be the more expanded glorious version of you (and that will always be the case, after all you are created in the image of the Divine, you will always want to be more like Him)…

Despite your hunger for more, what you have and who you are today is exactly what your people need… today.

Share of yourself generously and COURAGEOUSLY!

You may be imperfect but you are the perfect leader for your people…  IF YOU WILL SHARE YOUR VOICE!

Yes, handle your internal angst so that you get freer and freer…

Your connection to Source needs to be more intimate so that you are always intuitively guided…

Your sexuality needs to be handled so that it is a source of power, rather than a block to your energy…

The elements of your past story needs to be handled also, so that your past is not continually affecting negatively what you allow yourself to do in the present…

Yes, internal clarity is incredibly important but while you are working all of that stuff out, you must also be sharing your voice boldly with the world.

ACTION plus CLARITY creates prosperity and success – simultaneously, not sequentially!

Be who you are today, flaws and all, and tell them exactly how you can help them.

You have the ability to heal, speak, teach, coach, counsel…

Or maybe, it is your paintings, your music, your books that need to get out there…

Whatever it is, do the work of communicating, capturing, closing… (Join the Prosperous Blessed Entrepreneur – – to learn the strategies behind successful online marketing)

Do it and do it and do it until you build an audience of people drawn to your unique imperfect energy who want whatever it is that you have.

It takes a lot of courage and focus and determination to do this and so many are not able to stay the course.

But the real leaders, the real spirit-driven ones KNOW that they must.

You hear the intuitive nudges within you calling you to be more and you long for the win, don’t you?

So get over your fears and your self-doubt…

And simply show up, flawed but glorious in your boldness!

Share your voice!

Call in your people!

They are waiting for a leader like you who understands them, see their fears because they are just like yours but as they see you facing them down and showing up anyway, they are drawn in…

They buy your stuff because they want a piece of you in their life…

Leader, follow those intuitive whispers and show up in the marketplace boldly.

You are born to win – Start winning by being brave!

Set bold goals…

Then act on today’s intuitive wisdom to get there…

Step by step, you take ground.

Yes, it takes courage to sell you but you have that courage and the more you use it, the bigger it gets, the more people you serve and the more money you make.

Get to work!

It is time for us to change the world with our voices!

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live!

Because you want to!

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