Take Your Mission Seriously

It is an honour to be called to serve other people with the message on your heart

It is an absolute privilege to actually get to change the lives of those you are called to serve

And OH MY GOODNESS, How cool is it that we get to be paid to do the work we are called and so deeply desire to do!!!

But I see you belittling it

So enamoured with your fear and trying to maintain appearances

Trying to appease the ones you are not called to serve

While the ones whose lives you could change, wait and wait and wait for the message that will elevate them

Yes, you do have a choice whether you live out your calling or not

And yes, you are still loved whatever you choose

So, no, there is no need for guilt or shame or any fears about hell and silliness like that

But I do want you to see what you are doing.

👉 You punish yourself when you do not live to your TRUE DESIGN.  It makes you feel so empty and unfulfilled and overwhelmed with doing things that are not yours to do

👉 You deprive your people of the message on your heart that could elevate them

👉 You feel disconnected from Source because you are too enamoured with all that is going on in the outer reality and you begin to think it is fantasy to trust that everything works out for you when you are on purpose

👉 You live based on the physical reality alone

And that limits you so much, my love…


You are called to be NEW BREED LEADER





And yet, you play this small game

Wake the heck up!


This lukewarm thing you have going on, has GOT TO STOP!


Our world needs you to rise

I know you underestimate the power of your work but that is simply because you are too enamoured with your fears and doubts

When you look out into the world, you can see the pain in your people’s eyes

You can see their confusion

You can see that they need direction

And yet, because you are so familiar with elevating yourself based on your past experiences and your strengths, you forget how hard it is for others to do what you do and you forget that until you or someone else tells them, they will not know.


Stop downplaying your awesome


Go all in!

Do it first for you and your family

Then do it for the ones you deeply desire to serve

GO ALL IN, my love

It is time

The world awaits your total awakening

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Much Amazing Love



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