Take The Limits Off – Be The Wealthy Warrior You Are Born To Be!

Take the limits off

I am not playing small any more…

I am not playing with people who do not see their own potential anymore…

I am not putting limits on myself and anyone else anymore…

WE are powerful creatures, capable of so much MORE than we give ourselves credit for and we hold back, hold back, hold back and WHY?

Because sometimes we see the power within us and it scares us…

We think that to step fully into our power must mean that we will lose everything we hold dear…

We/I have bought into the lies about balance for too long and so I keep giving into the nonsense because I am afraid!  Afraid that if I really stood up and did what I KNOW I can do then I will leave everyone I hold dear in my wake and I will scare all my friends and my partner and everything…

And so I hold back…

I allow myself to bore myself to sleep…

I put on more weight as I try to tone myself down to live like the others do and be satisfied with it but I know that I am holding back and that ends today!

That ends RIGHT NOW!

I take the limits off of me…

And I invite you to join me?

What are the ideas you have been pushing back?

What are the little whisperings in your head that you have been telling yourself that you need to hold back on because it will take away your focus, because it will be too much for you to handle, because you are simply scared that you are just too deluded?

Everyone tells you to calm down and be happy with what you have but you are falling asleep!

Falling asleep trying to be like everyone else around you and you know that there is more to you and you want to discover it!

How long will you wait?

How long will you try to ignore the thoughts and ideas inside of you before finally you do give up?  Give up and become one of the walking dead that when you look inside of you, really you despise them…

Despise their inability to just get to work and do the work instead of whining but can I tell you something…

The reason you despise them is because you despise what you yourself are doing!

You yourself are holding back and whining about not getting the results you want and so you look outside of yourself to others that you can see are holding themselves back and you reflect your own inner annoyance on them…

Who cares what anyone else is doing?

The only thing that matters and should matter to you is what you are doing!


Still searching for balance like all the ‘norms’

Like all the self help books say you should?

Seriously, has anyone really found that elusive place?

Or do they just deaden and deaden themselves until they finally actually do die?

Honey, it is time to wake up…

The world is crumbling around you as you wait, wait, wait to find balance…


Make the money you want to make…

Have the relationships you want to have…

Have the body you want to have…

Impact the people you want to impact with your books, your music, with you!


It is possible to have it all and you get to define what ‘having it all’ means to you but while you keep putting the brakes on, you do not get to have what you want.  It is that simple.

What do you want?

Now go all out and create it.

When you get those little inklings of ideas, ACT ON THEM!

Do not hold back.

It will take a lot more effort than you imagine to get the result you want…

Stop listening to all them people telling you about balance and slowing down and all that nonsense…

If you want the results, tap into your inner wisdom and determine to take all the limits off and get to work.

You are the one limiting yourself!


So start again to wake up and get to work doing ALL the work you are born to do!

YOU are a warrior, not a wimp.

YOU are a revolutionary, not a follower…

YOU can have many things on the go and still not reach capacity…

You are not a norm!

You are a champion!

Get to work!


DO NOT PASS ‘GO’ if it is defined by people who are not living to their full potential…

DO NOT COLLECT the ‘200’ if it means you are paid to live like a norm.

BE DONE with it!


You are a machine.  Get to work being that person and stop giving into your doubts and fears and wonderings if it will work or not – MAKE IT WORK!

Keep it that simple.


Fight for, create the life you are born to live.

The League of Warriors Is back!

And I invite you to join in, if you are ready to step up and tap into your inner warrior.  We will deal with the internal nonsense and we will get to work SIMULTANEOUSLY! (not sequentially) – We will wake up the warrior within you that fights for the life and the business you want!  You will be champing at the bit, ready to be unleashed on the world, ready to define and then do whatever it takes to get what you want.

This is not for people looking for balance – If there is balance to be found, it will be found on the journey to your best self, not by holding yourself back and trying to live to the standards of the norms around you.

This is for people who are ready to take the limits off and become everything they are born to be.

And just to explain quickly…  The League of Warriors is a small intimate mastermind group – Just 5 leaders.  We meet in flesh or online once a month for a day where we hash things out.  Each person gets 60-90 minutes to work out their stiff and together as a group, we get you handled.   We brainstorm new ideas, we hold you to account, we support you and push you forward and in between the meetings, I am on the phone (or in person) with you twice a month, you have a buddy from the group and give them a call…  So there is a blanket of support as you level up.

There are going to be three groups forming – 1 in Orlando, Florida.  1 in Stratford-Upon-Avon and 1 Online.

Do you want to know more?

Message me on Facebook (Facebook.com/rosemarynonnyknight) and ask about it!

Do not delay! Do not procrastinate!  If you are ready to step things up massively and face down all your fears about what it might entail…

If you are ready to be the leader you KNOW you are born to be – Get in touch now.

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