Strip Off The Layers That Cloak Your Heart. They Keep You From Your Good

You think you are protecting yourself

But you are not.

You think it is wise to do this…

But it is not

You think that you will never be hurt again

But you are already hurt

And now, you make it worse because you block out the healing…

By placing all those protective measures on your heart, you keep the pain in and protect yourself from love.

You protect yourself from true prosperity and opulence

You count yourself out

And the reality is that you are born to experience all that the good life offers, if you will allow it

You are destined to experience happiness, joy, peace

If you will transcend the lower level emotions

But it is your choice

Always your choice.

YEs, you were hurt

Yes, the pain felt really, truly bad at times…

And it seemed best to shut down

But now you feel like you are on the outside looking in at all that you could be

Will you let your good in?

Will you do the healing work required?

Will you open your heart to it?

Will you choose to transcend the pain, even if it is painful at first?

Surely you see there is a difference between acute pain and chronic pain

Right now, you are living through the experience of chronic pain and you have started to think that this is all there is…

However, you trapped yourself in a prison of your own making.

In trying to fix the short term problem, you created a long term one where you and pain became way too intimate…

And in fact, when people come to offer you respite, you think we are just trying to expose you to more pain and so you look on with suspicion, feeling the call in your heart to respond and you do it only slightly…

Always, in the back of your mind is the thought that nothing ever works for you…

That everyone is out to get you

That somehow you are so unique that nothing can touch you and heal you and accelerate you to a new level of prosperity

And of course, you will always get what you expect because you are that powerful

And then you can retreat again and tell yourself that you tried and once again, it all proved impossible and once again, someone hurt you.

Why do you keep doing this?

Can you not see what you do to yourself?

And then there is acute pain…




Yes, there will be pain as you peel past the layers…

Layers that fit so snugly, they have become a part of you

I still remember realising that most of my persona was just a fear-based ego…

It was a surprise to realise how driven by fear I had been

It was painful to peel it back, to choose to step away from it

But still not as painful as it had been to live with it all those years…

Making what I thought were the safe, sensible choices but always driven by fear…

By anger

By self-doubt

By guilt…

Those 4 key emotions that keep many a leader trapped…

I was trapped by them and I thought that because everyone else seemed to be in the same way, incapacitated then this must be the normal…

It took some doing and determination to keep choosing my vision

And then I saw.

I realised

It was all fear.

And I could choose to shed it.

I chose freedom.

I chose to forge a different path based on who I really was…

Based on what I really desired, rather than what the fear had told me I had to settle for.

I let go

I let the God self in me RISE UP and burn through the nonsense…

Are you ready to make the same choice?

I invite you to QUANTUM LEAP

Change who you are being to change what you are getting.

Allow yourself to truly prosper

It is your birthright

But all that pain and fear that you are attached to, will keep you from it.

Find out more and join me at

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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