Stop With The Right-ing & The Wrong-ing. Just Allow Yourself To Prosper

Isn’t it soooo easy to get caught up wondering if something you want to do, is right or wrong?

And then you keep wondering and thinking about it and before you know it, the day has gone by and you have made NO PROGRESS whatsoever because you just could not make up your mind on what to do?!

You want it all to be perfect

You want it to be super original

You want it to come across well to whoever sees it…

But actually, you get nothing

Because nothing was done.

So, you still do not know if it was right or wrong.

And if you have religious leanings as well, that just complicates everything because now you are also wondering what the Divine wants from you…

If I do this, am I more likely or less likely to end up in hell for it?!

Deep question that you may not even realise you are asking but deep down, fear and avoiding hell are your motivation.

And honey, nothing good ever comes from a place of fear and punishment.

What if you simply trust yourself?

And trust your motivation?

And trust the desires of your heart?

And also trust that intuitive nudge within you.

What if you just keep your vision in mind and keep moving towards it?

Forgetting all the rightness and the wrongness…

Trusting that your intention is towards pure service and that you are inherently good…

Trusting that whatever happens next, you can handle it

Trusting that you are safe and fully supported and so you do not need to fear

Trusting that everything is always working out for your good.

That would take the pressure off, wouldn’t it?

It may take a little bit of cleaning and clearing to believe that you are inherently good.

For some reason, it is easier to believe that our motivation is not to be trusted.

Well, stop that.

Work on it.

Choose to believe in the purity of you

Yes, you make mistakes at times, but that does not make you evil, for goodness sake!!!

Trust yourself

Trust the intuitive nudge


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister


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