Stop Holding Yourself Back From Prosperity

We have all been trained to believe that things have to be a certain way…

Business is supposed to run a certain way

Careers should go a certain way

Even our sex life is defined by other people

Most of the ideas you are living to, have been created by someone

Have you taken a moment to really decide if these ideas are something you want to keep aligning with or not?

Maybe, you want multiple sex partners but hey, you are spiritual and it is not allowed… or is it?

Maybe you want a business selling $1 products but hey, you want to make money… How can that work? That ‘expert’ over there said you cannot do that so obviously, that cannot work… or can it?

Maybe you want to sell things at $100k… There is also another expert saying that the economy is bad so can THAT work?

Maybe you do not want your children to go to school… OK, this is becoming a lot more mainstream now but do your family think you are crazy for even thinking about doing such a thing?

And so you go around trying to get permission from the powers that be…

You go look to see what everyone else is doing

Instead of just TRUSTING YOURSELF!

Instead of allowing yourself to want what you want

Instead of allowing the Divine to express through you in any old way that He/She/It wants to express

And so then you find yourself feeling all blocked up inside but you keep looking for other solutions to your problem…

Maybe it is because my daddy hurt me when I was 3

OR maybe it was because my mother did not pay enough attention to me

All valid things for sure

And yes, they may need healing…

But they really may not be your issue right now.

Right now, you could just be saying NO to what you want to say YES to

And all because of past conditioning.

All because you were told what to think

What to do

How to do it

When to do it

And something inside of you wants to SCREAM NO!!!!! – I WANT IT THAT WAY (in the words of the backstreet boys!)

Find the courage to be all of you

To let go

To release

To allow the true self to come through

To explore

To have adventures

To break the rules if you need to

You will find that they are not real anyway

You are here on this planet to explore, to experiment, to remember your divinity

There really are no limits

And the chances are that the things you want to do, hurt NO ONE

Because you are not someone that wants to hurt people

But yes, you could annoy people who think they know better than you what you should be doing but is that really a thing or is it just you making a stand for yourself?



How much longer will you live this stifled life trying to be respectable and reasonable and logical?

Why not try just being you?



Man, I am literally aroused writing this which is always a sign that Papa is speaking through me TO YOU!




The things that want to come through you are EXACTLY what the world needs right now…


Be realigned to your true design

Do not be conformed to the world and its ways of doing things




And if you are that person with a message to share with the world…

A message of freedom, healing, beauty, love, whatever…

You just KNOW you are here to change lives and make a difference

You want to make the world a more beautiful place

AND you want to create wealth online while doing it

Then you are what I call a MESSENGER OF LIGHT

And I have something for you

The mastermind level or the VIP 1-2-1 level of MESSENGER OF LIGHT

The program I am enrolling for right now

If you are ready to take the limits off and go all in on getting your message out there

If you are ready to be all you are called to be, boldly…

And you want to make a lot of money doing it

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