Stop Giving Money So Much Power Over You! YOU ARE THE POWER SOURCE!

Regardless of what you think, money is not that powerful…

Money is just a thing…

A thing that you can allow to serve you

Or a thing that you allow to torment you

Or a thing you can pretend to be coy around as you quote your spiritual text and tell yourself you are not motivated by it while AT THE SAME TIME, doing work you dislike… FOR MONEY.

Oh yes, I know you think you have to…

But actually no, you don’t.


You are literally choosing to give money power over you…

When you have it, you feel good.

When you don’t, you feel stressed.

And it seems you will do anything to get it, including selling your time, YOUR LIFE just so you can have it.

And have it in the teeny, tiny amounts that someone else tells you, you are worth!

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I have no issue with money…

I love having money around… in abundance

I desire that everyone, everywhere be able to access it freely whenever they want, for whatever they want…

That is one reason I do this work.

I don’t think there are rules as to what is good to do with money or not…



But the thing is, you are not choosing…

You are being weak around it.

You are putting it on a pedestal…

And you are not LIVING THE LIFE YOU ARE BORN TO LIVE because of the power you give to money.

Are you not done with that yet?

Don’t you know that the Divine is your instant, constant, unlimited SOURCE?


Don’t you know that you are one with the Divine?

Don’t you know that you are co-creator of your life?

Don’t you know that you hold the keys to all you desire?

That dream in your heart does not need money to begin doing it…

You can just start.

But you keep quoting money as the reason why you do not begin…

What nonsense!

YOU are the reason you do not begin!!!!!

And the crazy other thing is that you  believe there is a scarcity of money in the world…

That some can have it but for whatever reason people like you, cannot!

You think people like you have to work super hard doing things you do not want to do in order to be granted a few pennies…

And you buy so deeply into these lies and it controls all your actions…

And you cannot even see it.

Because everyone around you is living to the same lie…

And you are all talking to each other about hard times and because you are incredibly powerful, you make it true for you…

AND WORST OF ALL, because where two or more agree on anything, it will be done for them – YOU GET YOUR SCARCITY MULTIPLIED back to you the more you whine, moan and groan about it with your peeps!

Is it not time to break free of that?

You are born to be prosperous…

Prosperity, in all areas, is your divine right

Abundance, financial abundance can be yours…

But NOT while you give money power over you…

YOU are powerful

YOU are one with the Divine, able to co-create whatever you desire out of life


Regardless of the state of your bank account…

Staring at, focusing on, stressing out about lack and trying to create abundance will NEVER work!

Are you ready for change?

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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