Stop Downplaying Yourself & Overthinking Your Motivation

I know it feels like the done thing to make sure that every single thing you do, is absolutely right before you do it

You don’t want to appear selfish

You don’t want to be one of those people who don’t care for others

You want everything you do to be ‘good’ and ‘right’ and ‘wholesome’

And you also want to appear to be a saint to people around you (if you are honest though I guess you might not be honest about that part 😃 )

And also, if you are of a certain religious ilk, you do not want to end up in hell.

Well, by the time you have thought through all of the above…

And maybe even more thoughts that I have not yet mentioned…

Years have gone by and you have done nothing much to create the life you desire

But you are thinking very hard about it

So it feels like you are doing something

But you are not.

And life feels yuk

And all because you were so concerned about your motivation

(And also what others would think of you)

Dare to be free of that nonsense

Dare to be childlike in your approach to life

Dare to just do things because you want to do them

Dare to allow yourself to change direction whenever you want to

Dare to be free of pre-conceived ideas of what is right, wrong and all that jazz

Dare to trust that at heart, you are a caring, loving person and so you do not need to distrust yourself so much – YOU are not going to deliberately do things to hurt anyone else…

And you do not even have to overthink that.

It is just your nature.


Stop living in fear of yourself and your motivation

It is that fear that causes you to do silly things like stay stuck in a life that does not feel good

And get into a ‘dog-eat-dog’ situation where you think the whole universe is out to get you and so you try to get them first

It is when you ignore the whispers of true desire within you that you act from a fear-driven, ‘what does the world want from me?’ place…

You start trying to please people, hoping to keep them happy and on your side…

Instead of seeking to be of service and love on the planet

Honey, at heart, you are good

Trust that

And act confidently towards your desires now.

Without all the overthinking and self-doubting.

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Much Amazing Love

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