“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”

From The Bible

All your life, you have been surrounded by those who sucked the life out of you…

And you have put up with it, because you felt loyal to them…

The problem with this is that you began to think that you are only worthy of being taken advantage of…

You have seen those you have loved, looked after and supported, rise…

And still you are waiting for your breakthrough

You have allowed people to speak to you as though you were not worth much because again you thought you could take it and you saw their weakness and you wanted to support them.

But you took some of what they said on board…

You started to believe their nonsense about you…

You started to think that you were weak…

You began to forget just how powerful you really are…

Even your parents did not/do not treat you as well as they should…

And if they do not love you in the way you need to be loved, then you wonder what on earth it is that you did wrong…

And you began to think that you would never reach the dreams in your heart.

The dreams of being prosperous (financially and otherwise), taking care of your family in style

The dreams of being free to only do what you want to do and fulfilled as you wake up to a life you adore…

You began to think that it would all be impossible… for you…

and you began to settle into a so-so existence

OKAY but definitely not what you had dreamed of when you were a child…

the problem is that you really did take the words and bitterness of people into you

It made you stop believing in yourself…

And you shielded your heart from further hurt and so now when the Universe sends opportunities to you, you just cannot see it…

You think it is another person trying to take advantage of you

And you have enough of those people in your life – You don’t want to add another person to the mix

But I see you, honey

And I know you are keeping yourself from the victory

You are keeping yourself from the breakthrough


Right now, you are surrounded by people in pain

People who do not see that there is another way to live

People who are so taken in by their pain that they do not care how much they hurt you in order to keep you with them

They are not even conscious of what they are doing to you

They are just needy and you are strong enough to give them what they need and so like leeches, they attach themselves to you and suck up your strength

And you let them because you always have and you love these people and you want to be nice

You know that there is something wrong with this

You know you are born for something more

And yet, you keep letting them suck you dry

Honey, when will it be enough?

When will you say – NO MORE?!

Don’t you see that you are denying yourself YOUR victory?

Don’t you see that unless you choose to begin believing in yourself again, then this will be your life forever?

I Call you to RISE UP!

to become the powerful person you KNOW, deep down, you are born to be

To Become the person you see in your mind’s eye

That person who changes lots of lives while living out the calling on your life

It calls you

But you must believe enough in yourself to reach out of your current environment

Join me in the MESSENGER OF LIGHT (RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/messengeroflight)

Let me teach you prosperity principles that have been kept from you

Let me help you see when it is okay to go after your dreams, instead of catering to everyone else’s

Let me support you in being the leader you know you are so that you can actually help rather than it being a case of the blind leading the blind

You are called to be the change your community needs to see

As you rise, others too will see what is possible for them

This goes way beyond just you

Honey, respond to the calling in your heart to be more


Join me in MESSENGER OF LIGHT – RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/messengeroflight

You are born to live free, fulfilled, abundant

You are born to be love in the world

The dreams in your heart are absolutely possible

I can help you bring them to life, if you choose to break free of your current existence

Come in to the Incubator

It is time to RISE


Remember this, you are not inferior to anyone else

You are more than capable of the victory

Will you renew your mind to claim it?


Rosemary Nonny Knight


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