Stop Caving! Decide Decide Decide

There was a time when you lived like you were God…

You knew your mind

You knew what you wanted

You DID NOT cave

You fully expected all of life to cave before the relentless force of your will

And it did.

Things happened for you easily

But gradually, gradually, gradually you bought into the nonsense of the world around you

You forgot your godlike nature

And you caved.

The pressure was high

The stakes felt more serious

You bought into the lie that you were weak and subject to the world around you

Maybe you listened to way too many news reports of troubles at home and abroad…

Or you watched your parents worry, fret and argue about everything and you decided that that is the way life must be

Or maybe you got hurt one too many times

And so you caved…

You forgot who you were

You began to blend right into the world as others experienced it

And now, there is just a desperate longing within you to remember

To return to that time when life was so easy

You knew what you wanted

And you determined to create it

And things just seemed to line up for you

And they happened.

You had faith then

Now you have all these doubts

And all these responsibilities that make it difficult for you to go out on a limb, or so you tell yourself.

But I ask you…

Are you someone of faith or someone of doubt?

Are you just a talker when it comes to living a fulfilled, abundant life?

Or are you a doer?

Is your faith really dead now?

Or do you dare wake it up by living to it, regardless of what the world around you is trying to tell you to think?

Do you not realise that you are the one in authority here?

Do you not KNOW that you have the dominion here?


Take back your rightful place as deliberate designer of your life

Stop looking for who and what to blame and just DECIDE what you want

Remember your godlike power

You feel it within you

And whether you like it or not, you are currently creating your present life experience so why not get a LOT MORE DELIBERATE about it?



And refuse to cave

Let the world shift to accommodate you

Stop being wimpy about this

Stop thinking that you have no right to expect that

Well, if you don’t expect it then you are literally leaving yourself open to the whims of someone else’s expectations, honey, which is just plain silly.

YOU SET THE TONE for your life

You DECIDE and you refuse to be shaken.






“This is what I decide.  This is what will happen”

The end.]

And here are 3 powerful secrets for spirit-driven people that will enable you reclaim the prosperous, love-drenched and fulfilling life you crave

1) You are one with the Divine which makes you incredibly powerful

2) There are no victims – Life is being created from inside of you. You are not reacting to life. You can change anything you want.

3) You have spiritual tools to create everything you desire and you have those tools NOW.

Would you like a deeper understanding of these ideas so that you can actually use them to design a life of freedom, abundance, fulfilment and love? Watch the OPULENCE! free masterclass at

Much Amazing Love

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