Stop being so serious

Stop having to be the wisest one in the room

Stop having to be the one that has to hold everything together

Let your hair down

And definitely stop beating yourself up inside, honey

It gets you nowhere

You are not happy doing those things

And I know that the serious part of you wants to say “LIFE IS NOT ABOUT BEING HAPPY!”

But honey, IT IS!

It really truly is

Do you really believe you came here to be so serious and struggle infested?

Do you really believe the world will stop spinning if you stop holding everything up?

come on now


Remember what it is like to have fun

Remember what it is like to be full of joy and glee

Remember what it is like to feel that warm bubbling up n your chest as you do things that make you feel so happy, so very happy

And remember how simple life seems in those moments

When, for a second, you simply let go and allow yourself to laugh, to dance, to have fun


Can you not see that your attempt to make yourself stay in line, has also made other areas of you fly out of control?

You find yourself spending too much

Eating too much

Having sex with all the wrong people

Drinking too much

Or whatever that hidden vice of yours, is (and you know you have one!)

And it makes you feel so horrible because you cannot seem to stop yourself doing it, even though you consider yourself quite disciplined, EXCEPT in this one area…

And so you yell at yourself inside yourself

But that does not make it any better

You are sure you will not indulge the ‘weak’ part of you and then, you do because it is a helluva lot stronger than you think…

That childlike part of you that longs to break free but you will not let it and so it show itself by getting you indulging things that you feel somewhat ashamed of…

Do you not know that it is the childlike that will inherit the kingdom?

Stop fighting yourself

Allow your playful, happy, joyful, gay side out

Remember what it is like to have fun

Realise that actually that side of you can be a heckuva lot more productive than you give it credit for

Have you see a child on a mission? NOTHING STOPS THEM!

And yet, you keep trying to control it with the parent side of you?

Have you seen the tired, frustrated and defeated faces of the parents of a child with ADHD? Who do you think, wins?!

There is no competition, my love.

Stop fighting yourself

Stop trying to be so serious

Remember how to have fun

And return to it.

You will go further that way

You will experience more prosperity that way

You will have more energy that way

Those hidden vices will start to fade

And overall, you will feel more like the real you

And as the inner relationship gets healed, you will also notice that your outer relationships get better too

Because EVERYTHING in your outer reality is simply a reflection of your inner reality.


Trust yourself

You will not drop all responsibilities!

You will start to have fun and still meet your responsibilities and also streamline your life so you are not carrying unnecessary weights.

Surely it is time


Have some fun!

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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