Starting Your Own Business – 3 Things That stop you

Starting Your Own Business

People talk and talk about doing their own thing. They talk and talk about being the leader at the wheel of their own ship and they talk about becoming an entrepreneur. It sounds glamorous.


And yet, most of these people will not last longer than a month or so before the hoped-for business is stopped and they return to their mundane life doing what they have always done.


And maybe you fall into this category of business dabblers like me. For a long time, I talked about all the things I would do when I was just a little older and wiser and more courageous…


But then I woke up and decided to get to work creating things that will sell and serve others.


There are a few things that get in the way…


  1. You believe the voice inside of you that says you are incapable

    This is not true and you can demolish that voice by getting into action. There is nothing so depressing as a life unlived. If you can dream about it, then the chances are that if you buckle down, you can make it happen.
  2. You believe the external voices that tell you how to live

    You think people want certain things from you and you feel it is your duty to fulfill their needs instead of living your life the way you are designed to live. YOU need to take control and responsibility for your own happiness. No one else is in your shoes and you may find that the more you do that suits you, the more able and willing you are to serve the people in your world. If you keep doing what they want, there is only resentment ahead of you.
  3. You are addicted to security and certainty.

    There is a part of every single one of us that needs to feel secure. The question is, how much do you listen to that part, rather than follow your true heart which wants to follow your dream of entrepreneurship. No one can assure you that you will always win when you set up your own business but this one thing that I can assure you of, is that if you never start, you will never get the reward.

    Security and certainty are cool in measure but when your whole life is directed by them, it is sad. You do not allow yourself to expand into the person you could have been. You settle and settle and settle for being so much less than you are. And for what? The certainty of disappointment when you run out of time. The knowledge that you were capable of so much more but you did not do it.

    That sounds CERTAINLY sad.


You are a capable person, you can make whatever you want happen but you actually have to choose it.

At the moment you have placed security over fulfillment and it is not pretty to look at. Make a different choice.

If you want to learn the habits of those with impact, success, riches and fulfillment, pop on over to this post and start taking serious action to get what you want out of life. How much longer will you wait?

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