This life we live is flexible…


Not as fixed as you might have been led to believe.

And you are the master creator

The sculptor

The one who moulds it all into shape

Except you keep forgetting this…

There is a sense of desperation inside of you…

A despair, perhaps…

A feeling that external things have mapped out your life and now you feel fixed, stuck and unable to shake loose and create the life you would rather have.

It is a lie.


The life you are currently living, is one you created…

Probably passively

Who cares?!

It is not the end


No need to beat yourself up about the past…

No need to give into a sense of inevitability,

Unless it is the inevitability of your personally defined version of success

Simply make a new choice now


What do you desire out of your life?

Whip out that journal

Start to write and write and write it down…

Start to get clear and clearer still about what would make you really truly happy

Yes, yes, YES, we know that happiness is a choice in this moment

It is not a result of anything

However, please do not use that as a reason to stay stuck in a life that does not feel great telling yourself that yuo need to choose to be happy now.


Write and visualise what you desire out of life

Notice anything that tells you that you cannot do it

Clear, clear, CLEAR IT!

Believe only thoughts that make it seem possible to have what you desire

Please remember who you are

Creator extraordinare

Created in the image and likeness of the Divine

With the same POWERFUL, UNLIMITED ability to create

And access to support from the whole universe, if you would ask for it


And refuse to turn away from it.

Forget the rules, the dogma, the ‘this is just the way it has to be’s

Forgive those who taught you all that nonsense

Forgive yourself for believing them

Let everyone go and focus all your energy on your vision

On bringing it to life


Decide that you will no longer settle for less than all you desire

DECIDE that you will remember just how powerful you are

DECIDE that you will daily stretch what you thought was possible for you


Hold your nerve

Ask for guidance

Tap into the universal wisdom that you have access to

CHOOSE over and over and over again the things that you desire


And if you are in anyway doubtful about how to receive divine guidance, I have something for you…

DIVINE GUIDANCE – The 5 Part Video Training Series: How To Live Intimately Connected To Source, Hear Divine Guidance Clearly & Easily Step Into A Prosperous & Opulent Life

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🔴 Learn how to hear back from the Divine clearly and every single time, rather than feeling unsure, unclear and scared that you are just making it all up. This back-and-forth connection should be normal for every person alive on this planet. We are not designed to live as separate entities. And no, that whole thing were you beg and plead with what feels like a closed heaven is not the way things have to be. You are able to live in direct connection with Source, whatever your definition of that Source energy is. This program will teach you how to do it.

🔴 Reduce the number of negative emotions and thoughts that pass through your mind all the livelong day and instead feel calm, inspired and joyful more of the time which will open you up to abundance in ways you cannot even begin to imagine now. Your natural state is joy and bliss, not doubt, anxiety and worry. Begin the shift with this program.

🔴 Experience greater sense of purpose as you find yourself guided to align with who you really are. Who better than Source to help you get clear on your purpose and calling. Now, you will have a direct line to the truth of who you are, rather than always depending on middlemen.

🔴 Increase your energy levels as you do less of what you do not want to do and feel safe and supported in moving to only doing what you feel called to do. Too many people live lives full of activities that drain their energy and get them nowjere near where they want to be. Leave all that behind as you choose to only do wat you feel led and guided to do, which will always be things that are easy for you. Yes, there may be a little nervousness when doing new things but it will never feel like you have to die a little every day. I remember being a pharmacist and feeling drained all the time. Now, I absolutely do the work but it is work that recharges me. I could do it forever and feel more inspired at the end than at the start.

🔴 Experience deeper levels of peace as you eliminate the worry and fears that come from living a disconnected existence. You have been like a branch of a tree, trying to stay alive away from teh life source of the tree trunk. That cannot work. It is in connection that you have an ever-renewing sense of vitality and life. Time to reconnect and live out of the limitless supply of love, light, abundance, prosperity and so much more.

🔴 Expect to see manifestations happening quicker than ever before. You are linked to the source of all that is, it becomes easier to bring your desires to life faster. Those desires that you may have placed on the shelf… PULL THEM OFF because as you live in connection, it all begins to make amazing sense and you find that life opens up to include those long-forgotten dreams.

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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