Some will love you, Some will hate you and that is OKAY!

Some will love you, some will hate you

Too many entrepreneurs are trying to sell to the whole wide world and I used to do that as well.  And yet that is not the best way to do things at all.  You kind of know it but you just want to make some sales in any way that you can so you keep being generic, you keep doing what you see others do and so you end up with a business that you do not like and that does not make you very much money at all.

What is the point of starting a business that is even worse than your job?

I mean you have to work pretty hard to make it work so why not make sure that you actually love the work that you do?

Why do you not call out the people you really want to work with so that your days are full of customers, clients, recruits that you love to hang out with?

This is the thing, you know already from your experience of life that some people like you and some people do not.  You also know that you like some people and you really DO NOT LIKE some people out there so why should it be any different in your business?

I understand that it takes courage to be the person that stands out and stands up for something and yet, you have to be that person.


Because there are twenty million other people doing exactly the same thing that you are doing!

And so the only way people can make a choice about whether to work with you or not is if you are a real person; Someone with likes, dislikes, weirdnesses and more.  And because you are that real person, then your people get drawn to you.  Your people are loyal to you, your people just love what you are about and what you do.

If you are not that real person that attracts the right people to work with you, then people make a decision based on price ALONE! and so the question becomes – HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?

Instead of being this person, be someone who deliberately polarises people with your marketing.

Remember, this is not about being deliberately obnoxious when you are not actually that person…

This is not about being the sweetest person on the block, either.

This is about being you, unleashing you and being a leader and expert at what you do, in your own way.

Of course, you are growing and developing every day so YOU will change but then if you have attracted your people into your business and your focus is on changing their lives with your product, service, opportunity then they will change along with you and if they want to stay static, then they will drop out of your world and you will find new people who get you.

We live in a world that is very socially connected over the internet – There is no room for hiding behind brand images, logos, slogans etc.  You have to be YOU and polarize people based on that.

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It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want because you can.

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