So… You Made A Few Mistakes & Now You Feel Stuck

Say it with me

“I see my faults and I still choose to rise

“I see my mistakes and yet, I am still qualified

“I am worthy of every good thing

“I forgive myself, I let them go and I RISE

“I am free”

Affirm and affirm that…

Let it be your truth

You no longer need to allow past mistakes to determine your next move…

Yes, there are lessons to learn…

But they can be learnt and the mistake itself can be dropped

Mistakes are a part of the human experience…

They are not ALL OF IT!

Your mistakes do not define you

Unless you let them

Unless every time you boob, you get stuck for weeks, months, years…

So scared to try again

So scared of what people think of you

So scared that you are not enough

So scared that you are not worthy

So scared that you will be punished

So scared that you will lose everything

So scared to trust yourself

What nonsense!


Again, I tell you that your past mistakes do not define you.

In every moment, you are new…

In every moment, you can start afresh…

In every moment, you get the opportunity to do something different

To keep the vision right in front of your eyes and to act towards it

Yes, you are human

And you are divine

You carry unlimited wisdom and supply within you

You can tap into that.

Everything will be used to bring you good

Everything seeks to bring your good to you

Allow it

Choose it

Do not be stopped by an error in judgement, no matter how big or small

Let it go

Clean it

Clear it

Forgive yourself


“I am worthy of every good thing and I allow the best of everything to come to me now”

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Much Amazing Love


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