Release The Resistance To Your Own Prosperity & Opulence

You have been conditioned since birth to forget your own innate KNOWING…

The knowing that you are here on a temporary mission to create, to deliberately design a life experience that is glorious and amazing to behold…

But you have bought into the nonsense that tells you that you are unworthy of this…

That someone out there in the ether, the one you may call God, wants you to struggle and suffer and earn your salvation…

You have bought into this stuff and now it causes you to resist your own heart.

You were told that your heart is deceitful beyond all things and you believed them and so now you distrust yourself

You distrust your inner knowing

You forget that you are the word made flesh

You forget that you are here to experience life in its fullness

You forget that the THIEF came to to steal kill and destroy, not the Divine! and so you tell yourself to be wary

To pull back from life

To sacrifice, suffer, struggle

You refuse to follow your bliss because it all seems too wishy-washy and woo-woo and you do not want to be taken in and frankly, you have forgotten how.  Too many years of struggle under the belt.

But you have been taken in by the lie

The lie that you are powerless in a world that you have no control over

That others get to make decisions for you

That others get to control whether you enjoy life or not

And so you are cloaked in fear much of the time

Scared that you will lose whatever you have struggled so hard to put together

You think you live in a hostile universe


You are loved

So completely loved

You are cared for and supported

Your every desire is yours to create

If you will stop the resisting

If you will remember who you are

If you will tear yourself away from the illusion

And return to the inner man

Delight yourself in the Inner Man, in the Lord within, In the Divine within and you will create every single desire of your heart

Stop resisting what you feel in your heart of hearts to be true

Allow yourself to remember

And open up again to joy (

FREE yourself from false shackles

Become the deliberate designer again

Download and read a free digital copy of my book – The Deliberate Millionaire FREEDOM book – let it support you in remembering what you are capable of.

It is time to RISE

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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