Quit The Uncertainty – Follow This Plan And Get Rich!

Simplify your business growth

You are still walking around dabbling at this and that…

Getting distracted by every surefire pathway that you pick up from some free thing out there…

Hoping that some fairy dust will rub off on you and make you rich…

You are expending so much effort chasing this new path or that new path and you go to bed each night, tired, drained, fed up and you wake up each morning, and start the same, sad, sorry process.

Are you done yet?

Are you ready to get focused yet?

Or are you still thinking that you can get rich by spinning your wheels faster?

Or are you ready to see that simplicity is truly the pathway to wealth.

You have a mission and a calling to change lives (starting with your own) and it is time you stopped looking everywhere but inside of you, for a saviour.




Share Your Wisdom

How?  Daily write a blog post – short, long, it does not matter!

Share your current best thinking on how to get results in your industry and then share it everywhere you can think of.  Where do you think most of your people are?  Be there as well, sharing your thoughts.

Daily maintain a social media presence – Have at least 5 updates a day on your platform of choice – One can be that blog post, another can be something you share from someone else – Tell them you are sharing their work (this is a means of networking with them)

This will start you in the process of…

Growing An Audience

As you share your current best thinking and begin to stand out as leader, you will start attracting people who like what you have to say.

Have a way to store their contact information.

To start with, you will attract them to your social media platform and then you MUST filter them onto your mailing list.  Figure out how to set it up – (RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/dmlifetime).

Get someone to help you if the more technical bits are not your forte.

Just get it done.  Figure out how to automate the whole process so that once it is set up, you are done with it.

Do not drop the ball with this.  This is where lots of wannabe entrepreneurs refuse to consistently do the work and get known because they keep thinking that nothing is happening and try to speed up the process by spending lots of time doing things that do not grow their business.

Write blogs, write social media updates (pics, text, videos) all sharing your latest, greatest thinking…

And then filter them onto your mailing list.

That is it.

And finally to actually start making money…


And this is the final step.

Tell your ever-growing audience, EVERY SINGLE DAY, how to buy something from you.  Never assume they know!


Have a call to action on everything that you do.  Tell them the next step to working with you or buying a product that will help them.

And that is it.

A simple plan for you to follow.

Yes, there are all kinds of marketing strategies you can add to make this a little more complicate later on in your journey but for now, just do this EVERY SINGE DAY!

And that is the issue here – What will keep you focused on this path each and every day?

What will keep you doing the work when life is happening all around you and distracting you from the important things?

What will keep you on track when you are building invisible foundations and it feels as though nothing much is happening?

Who will hold you accountable to your dreams?

I personally, know I am on this planet for a BIG PURPOSE and I will never EVER put myself in a place of trying to figure it all out alone and I will never leave myself to the whims of family and friends who have no idea about what they are talking about and then try to tell me how to run a profitable business – So, I work with coaches and mastermind groups and I make money doing exactly what I love to do.

And so I invite you to come join me, as your mentor/coach, in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track group (RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/DMlifetime).

This is THE BEST place to be on the net as an entrepreneur with a passion and calling to fulfil in this one life that you have.  You will tap into the wisdom of other entrepreneurs and I will also be there to guide you and keep yo on the straight and narrow as you choose to make more money and impact the world.

And you also get all the sales, marketing, mindset training you need to take yourself to the next level financially.

Take a look and come join in at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/DMlifetime.

Stop procrastinating on getting the support you need, STOP doing busy work that gets you nowhere and START becoming the powerful leader and expert you are created to be and SELL MORE STUFF!

The world awaits your awakening!


Kind Regards


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