Prosperity Has Come To Call – Will You Unblock The Supply?

Unblock The Supply

Wisdom seeks to find you but you are not listening…

You have all these ideas of how things should be…

Ideas planted in you since birth and they block the flow of real, living wisdom that seeks to flow to you…

I had this impression of a supply pipe linking you to the heavens…

Through it comes wisdom and intuitive nudges and knowledge on what to do next…

But it was constricted…

Blocked in places…

There was a crusty substance all along the pipe…

Something that should have been wide and free-flowing…

Was now crusty and blocked

The wisdom flow was finding it hard to get through to you

And you were finding it hard to get through to the heavens…

You felt alone…

When all of the Divine supply was trying very hard to reach you

And why?

You have these ideas, firmly held ideas of how things must be…

Rules on how the supply must come to you

Laws on what you have to do to deserve it

And all of it is so inflexible that no matter how hard wisdom tries to find you, it cannot get through…

You have all the power here

Will you dare to release the supply pipe?

Will you give up the dogma that keeps you trapped in a life you do not love?

Will you give up all the conditions that you think have to be fulfilled before you receive prosperity?

Will you give up working like a dog because you think it makes you worthy of prosperity?

Will you shake the supply pipe free by rethinking all your old conditions, rules, laws?

It takes courage to step onto the deliberate life path where the divine supply is unlimited…

But surely you can see it is worth it so that you can experience abundance and prosperity and freedom and fulfilment…

So that you can be love in the world…

Question your long held ideas, honey

They hold you back from the win

The win in relationships

The win in your money

The win in your work

The win in your health

The connected, deep, intimate prosperity that you desire

Question everything so that you can win everything

Let go of any old ideas and be free to prosper NOW!

Right now, quiet yourself down and ask your intuition

“Where am I putting obstacles in the way of my prosperity?”

Listen to what bubbles up

Do not judge it

Write it down and sit with it awhile

Ask for more clarity about how you are clogging up the supply pipe

Write it down

Stay with the questions until you get a breakthrough and a moment of clarity as you see where you have clogged up the system.

Dare to release

Dare to let go

Always come from the place of KNOWING that prosperity is your divine right and so anytime you feel out of sorts with prosperity, something is clogging the supply.


Simple to do

Simple not to do



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