Sit in silence for a while

Close your eyes

Make sure you are comfortable

Then think these words to yourself

“I am powerful”

Repeatedly think them

Speak them

Feel them

Let the thought permeate every part of you

Connect with the Divine within and remember how powerful you are, how powerful you are created to be…

And then consider areas of your life that make you happy

Realise that you created that

You designed it into your life

Feel the power of that knowledge

You can create good things

Know it deep within

And then go on to consider areas where you do not feel quite so satisfied

And remember that if you created the good stuff, you can create more good stuff

You can deliberately design a better life experience

You are not powerless in this

No need for guilt about wanting what you want

Stop disallowing your desires

You are worthy of all good things…  ALL. GOOD. THINGS!

Recognise what you desire, rather than what you have submitted to and DECIDE that things begin to change now…

SET THE STANDARD for your life

Refuse to drop beneath it ever again

And keep repeating

“I am powerful”

to yourself.

Let the feeling permeate you completely

Because you ARE powerful

You do not have to remain stuck in a life beneath your true desires

You do not have to live to the demands of anyone else

You simply need to DECIDE What you want

And DECIDE to have it

Ask for guidance

And get to creating

Get to allowing

Get to changing your life to become more of what you desire.

Clear the stories that tell you to stay stuck

Forgive anyone you feel caused you pain

You do not want any of that baggage in your expanding life

And get back to feeling powerful

To KNOWING you are powerful

Today is the day everything begins to change for you


The 20 day bootcamp that puts you back in touch with your spiritual power so that you can recharge, reinvigorate and uplevel your physical reality.

It is time to align yourself with increased prosperity in all areas of your life

You and I know that every good thing begins within

You create it internally and then you confidently push it out into your physical reality

And this bootcamp is here to support you in powerfully designing a life that you adore by remembering who you are, getting back in touch with the power within and clearing all the stories that hold you back

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister


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