The Opulence Circle

The Opulence Circle

Would You Like To...

  • Have a Calm Mind?
  • Have powerful, enriching relationships?
  • Have more than enough money?
  • Have a fit, energetic body?
  •  Do what you love in your career or business and get paid handsomely for it?  
  • Experience the bliss of an intimate relationship with Source?
  •  Live A Large, Lavish, Fun & Opulent Life? 

Are You Done With...

  • Pretending there is a 'push button' solution that will somehow fix your life in 5 seconds? 



But you forgot…  

You forgot your own power…  

You forgot that you are divine being having a human experience.  

You started to just get by.  

The cares of life took over and made you limit yourself.  

You got hurt and you learnt to shield your heart in order to protect yourself.  

But there is something inside of you that feels uncomfortable with the way things are…  

A little whisper calling you higher and telling you that you are not born to live this small existence...  

The little voice inside reminding you who you are  


🔴 Loving relationships

🔴 A body that feels healthy and vibrant

🔴 A healthy bank balance that continues to increase

🔴 Work you actually LOVE doing

🔴 Multiple streams of income that come in all day, every day


🔴 Free to do what you want when you want, with who you want

🔴 Fulfilled in the work you do and in life as a whole as you live a purpose-driven, happy life

🔴 Abundant financially and otherwise

🔴 Love and Loved!  


🔴 Travel and explore more places

🔴 Skydive, if you want (or any other adventures that are more to your taste)

🔴 Share your message and/or your creations more boldly with the world

🔴 Start that charity or that business or even that ministry

🔴 Dare to dream bigger and manifest that house, car, whatever  


But you have to say ‘YES’  

And I know it is hard to say yes when you feel as though you have too many responsibilities that you need to be practical about  

It is hard to say yes when you KNOW that you keep procrastinating on taking the actions you would like to take

It is hard to say yes when you have tried so many things in the past and nothing has seemed to take  

It is hard to say yes when you have overcome so much and lost so much already

It is hard to say yes when you have been told by many to lower your expectations and that you are simply too much  

It is hard to say yes when you just do not know who to trust anymore and if you are honest, you have lost some trust in yourself and your ability to bring your dreams to life  

You had thought you would be further along by now  

And yes, you have overcome a lot and seen some success but there is something inside that says, "there must be more"

I see you  

And I have been where you are - you can read my story a little lower down the page…  

For now, I want to tell you about a simple system that changed things for me and for a lot of clients…


It involves...

🔴 Connection To The Divine  

This is the most important part of everything - Without a real connection to Source (Higher Power, Universe, God), you will always be limited or so I discovered. It is like a branch trying to do life without being connected to the tree trunk. You can go so far but at some point, it will all come to a standstill.  

🔴 Clear Vision  

Knowing what you want out of life, from the simplest of material things to the biggest life purpose and vision, will more likely get you those things. Too many people are passively living to the agenda of those around them, the agenda of corporations, religions, governments and without clear vision, it is impossible to break free. There is a saying “Without vision, the people perish” and it is so true.

🔴 Inner Clarity  

Life on this planet gifted us with limiting beliefs and ideas that cause us to live very constrained lives when we are born to expand and flourish and go from one level to the next in every area of life - True Prosperity is our divine right but we hold back from it when we have religious dogma, cultural thinking, family traditions and so on that hold us back. We need to clean and clear in order to allow prosperity to come to us.  

🔴 Aligned Action  

Sometimes, spiritual people get caught up in ‘waiting’. Sometimes, there is a need for that but mostly there is always something you can do to move forward and you can get access to that action intuitively and in fact, you must learn how to access your intuitive wisdom because it is limitless. It is critical that we take the aligned spiritual actions PLUS the aligned physical actions. Both are incredibly important.

Installing these 4 simple things, in a specific way, into your life will CAUSE A MAJOR LIFE UPGRADE


That is it.

1. ✅ Fall in love with the Divine - This is your power Source. Without it, you can work as hard as you like but you will always hit a ceiling and finally run out of steam because you are operating at half-mast. Most people then learn to live with sadness and a quiet feeling of despair thinking that that is just the adult experience and they have to put up with it. NONSENSE! It is not. It is just the experience that most people choose to settle for. . 2. ✅ Fall in love with yourself - Stop doing things you do not want to do and allow yourself to pursue your true desires. You have those desires for a reason. There is no mistake about you. Stop telling yourself stories of how you have to be reasonable and logical and sensible by doing the stuff you hate doing as well as hanging around people you do not want to hang out with. That is just you telling yourself that you are not worthy of good things. That is just you making everyone else's definition of success more important than your own. That is not self-love. How can you prosper when you keep telling yourself that you are not worthy? And that someone else holds the key?!  

If you would keep it this simple, honey, you would get the best of everything in life...


The journey is simple... but not easy.  

The transition from feeling stagnant to feeling happy, fulfilled and abundant is not all fun and games and most people quit on the way because it feels impossible, they wonder if they are deluded to think they can have/be/do more and they are surrounded by others who belittle their dreams.  

It may be our natural state to be prosperous in every area of life but we have lived long in a world that told us to be average and just be happy with whatever we could get.  

I broke free  

I continue to break free and deliberately design an increasingly prosperous life doing only what I choose to do

And I coach, train and mentor other men and women to do the same through a process of immersion in a new way of thinking, being, acting which is why the OPULENCE CIRCLE exists.

You have access to all the programs I create to teach these simple principles on the membership site.

You have access to my personal input within the Circle, if you choose to come live into the Facebook group

You are IMMERSED in a new way that leads to OPULENCE and PROSPERITY in all areas of life.

I invite you to come work with me in the OPULENCE CIRCLE to reclaim your divine right. Click The Yellow Button Below To Get Pricing details and join in.



🔴 This is a BRAND NEW, thriving, growing community of highly engaged, deliberate spirit-driven people who KNOW that prosperity is their divine right and they choose to boldly claim it in EVERY SINGLE AREA OF LIFE  

🔴 We are committed to living a 'connected to Source' life - This is not about religion so whether you call it universe, God, the Divine or whatever, we KNOW that it is in connection with this power source that we create amazing lives 

🔴 We are committed to inner clarity - WE are self-aware. We handle our inner nonsense because again, we choose to prosper in our relationships, health, wealth and work and that means there is no room for inner nonsense getting in the way  

🔴 We are committed to KNOWING our purpose and choosing to build a life that feels completely fulfilling.  

🔴 We are committed to taking practical action - both the inner and outer work to bring dreams to life. We know we can and so we go all out. We do not make excuses.

🔴 We love each other and build relationships with other members of the OPULENCE CIRCLE  

🔴 People come from all over the world to be part of this community and so we are no longer limited by geography  

🔴 Yes, I, RNK, come in to offer training and new thoughts etc but really, this community is self-expanding because everyone agrees to take part and do regular check ins, ask any questions, allow themselves to be seen, help others in the CIRCLE and so the CIRCLE is about all of us living the Deliberate Life together.  

If this sounds attractive to you and you feel you will add to the vibe of the Circle then come on in.

Here's What You Get...

BiWeekly SpiritSpeaks  

Connection to Source is the foundation of everything good so at least twice a week, I will seek guidance from the Divine and deliver to the group a message to use in your daily spiritual practice.

Manifestation Tools 

As soon as you join the OPULENCE CIRCLE, you will get access to the Simple 14 Day Miracle Experiment which will teach you how to align yourself with prosperity now. When I did this first, I manifested over $1800 in the first week alone and then I went on to manifest many other money amounts as well as relationship changes, body changes. This is why, this experiment is a key part of your membership of the circle.  

A Supportive, Empowering Community 

No longer feel like the odd one out as a result of your big ideas. Come be part of the Miracle-makers and be empowered to live a big, more prosperous life wherever you are in the world. 

Access To A Library Of 75 PLUS Business, Personal & Spiritual Growth Programs.

Immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, being, acting as you access the ever-growing library of programs to grow your life and move deeper into prosperity in every single area. See The Breakdown Below 

Discounts On Some Events, Courses, Coaching Programs

As a miracle-maker, you get exclusive discounts on some of my live events and coaching programs 

Personal Access To A Highly Intuitive Prosperity Minister

I am able to intuitively discern exactly what you need to do next to prosper in whatever area of life. Get crystal clear clarity on your next move when you join the OPULENCE CIRCLE. No more indecision. This is what private clients pay thousands to access and now you can access this wisdom more cost-effectively as long as you are willing to ask for support in the group. 

Also, learn how to access your intuitive ability too.

The Deliberate Life Method 10 Day Training

When you join, you will receive every other day, a quick introduction to the simple tools that make up the Deliberate Life Method. Everyone starts here so that you are building a Deliberate Life of Freedom, Fulfilment, Abundance & Love. Expect Change Fast as you learn to manifest whatever you desire and deepen your spiritual practice and a lot more in this initial 10 days. 

The Deliberate Affirmation Of The Week

Each week, we will look at a different area of growth and together, we will stay on track with a musical affirmation 

Weekly Deliberate Decree Event  

I will come into the group each week and together, we will affirm and decree the vision, goals, desires of our heart with full expectation that it will all come to pass. Tips and advice will also be provided as part of this event.

There is nothing as powerful as being in agreement with a group of people determined to prosper in all areas of life, determined to be light in the world, determined to uplevel the life experience of their families, communities and the world as a whole. Join us and see miracles happen in your life 

The Deliberate Immersion Training Vault Includes...

🔴 Business Hero Bootcamp  

🔴 Dominate Social Media Now  

🔴 The Simple 14 Day Miracle Experiment 

🔴 Facebook Advanced Training  

🔴 People Please No More  

🔴 Make Your First Sale Online  

🔴 Goal Mastery

🔴 Email $5K A Month Blueprint  

🔴 Turn What You Know Into Wealth

🔴 Eagle Vision

🔴Email Marketing templates

🔴 Rock Solid Self Belief

🔴 Empowered To Win

🔴 Consults That Sell

🔴 Reignite The Fire Within

🔴 Pray. Affirm. Receive - The Workshop

🔴 Focused. Fulfilled. Free - The Workshop

🔴Find Yourself Again In the Midst Of Crazy Everyday Life

🔴Set Yourself Free

🔴 Self-Love Personal transformation Project  

🔴Ask To Receive  

🔴 Release To Be Rich

🔴 Money Mastery

🔴 No Competition Strategy 

🔴Instagram Marketing

🔴Building Belief

🔴 When Family Relationships Hurt

🔴Rise Victorious Out Of Victim Mentality

🔴 The Rebirth

🔴 The 10 Part Deliberate Life Method Training


🔴 The Map To Prosperity  

🔴 Person of Influence  

🔴 Find Your Voice  

🔴 Open To Receive  

🔴 Field Of Gold: How To Handle Relationship & Work Issues To Access True Lasting Prosperity In Every Area Of Life.  

🔴 Praise: The Pathway From Trial To triumph  

🔴 Resurrect The Vision:  

🔴 Attract Your Ideal Clients The Deliberate Life Way  

🔴 Wellspring of Prosperity  

🔴 Expand Your Capacity For Prosperity  

🔴 Bring Your Dreams To Life

🔴 Side Hustler On Mission

🔴 Decisive Life Designer 

🔴 How To Change Your Life

🔴 It Is Done

🔴 Against All Odds I Rise

🔴 The Power of Decision

🔴 Empowered To Win

🔴 Intuitive Income Producer


🔴 Revolution

🔴 Discern Your True Design

🔴 Worthy To Be Wealthy

🔴 Heal & Grow Rich  

🔴 Live Large & In Charge  

🔴 Remember Who You Are 

🔴 7 Ways To Shorten, Overcome & Get Past A Struggle Season  

🔴 Light Of The World  

🔴 Pray Your Way Prosperous  

🔴 Path of Peace

🔴 Outrageous Joy  

🔴 Unstoppable Confidence  

🔴 The Quantum Leap  

🔴 Massive Acceleration  

🔴 I Am Enough  

🔴 Divine Guidance

🔴 While You Wait...  

🔴 Manifest Increased Income Using The Power Of Affirmative Prayer  

🔴 The Abundance Overflow  

🔴 Level-Headed

🔴 Revolution  

🔴 Fearless Warrior  

🔴 The Science Of Getting Rich 10 Day Challenge  

🔴 Video Visibility Challenge  

🔴 10 Day Business Launch Bootcamp  

🔴 Overcome Procrastination 

🔴 Turn $10 Into $11, $15, $50 Or More - Facebook Advertising  

🔴 Profitable WayShower

🔴 Sales Page Superstar


To Summarize, Here's What You Can Expect...

🔴Always know what to do next. No more indecision. No more uncertainty. Crystal clear clarity is available now. 

🔴 Put a spiritual practice in place that reminds you of your true divine nature and helps you deliberately design a prosperous lifeand profitable business that creates increased freedom, fulfilment, abundance, love  

🔴 Receive biweekly #SpiritSpeaks to reflect on as part of that practice - Immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, being, acting as you reflect on these simple thoughts direct from the Divine  

🔴 Tap back into your intuition and live a divinely guided life so that you feel like you know what you are doing  

🔴 Become happier as you stop feeling as though things are happening to you and you take back the reins of your life  

🔴 Learn how to manifest prosperity miracles in your life as a normal thing - Prosperity is your divine right. Let the Deliberate Life method show you how to allow it all in.  

🔴 Develop better relationships as you change from the inside out. Start attracting soulmate friends, lovers, colleagues, clients, recruits, whatever. It will all change as you change.  

🔴 Learn to love your body more and treat it with respect as you change from the inside out. Experience better health, more energy and vitality as you become deliberate about the design of your life  

🔴 Create purposeful work that makes you excited each morning as you realise that you have all the power to design life the way you want it  

🔴 Learn how to manifest money whenever you want it so that you never have to settle into doing anything just because you feel you lack money  

🔴 Be a part of a community of deliberate people who are all moving forward powerfully as they tap into the Deliberate Life method. Be in a safe place to share your trials and triumphs, get objective support and move forward knowing that we all are on your side.  

🔴 Discover how to live to your true design and finally experience true, deep, inner happiness and peace as you fully remember who you are.

🔴 If so inclined, Learn how to grow your business to over $5K in just 90 minutes or less a day: Business growth does not have to take all day. You might still be at work or you may want to spend time with family (I home educate my three daughters and still manage to have a highly-successful businesses) and I will show you the simple things to do to ensure your business does not take over everything.  

🔴 Remove Mental Blocks To Success: This is NOT just about the tips, tricks, strategies. If it was just information you needed, you would already be prosperous. I help you handle mindset blocks, spiritual blocks, whatever limiting beliefs that may be causing you to procrastinate and remain stuck. This is the next best thing to working with me one on one!  

🔴 If business minded, Get customers, clients, recruits in abundance, even if you have never done it before: The training received from the programs in addition to the daily ability to check in and get held accountable to your vision will mean that you discover just how straightforward it can be to grow your business when you have the right support in place

🔴 There is no obligation to stick around. Cancel at any time if you feel it is not right for you


Hey, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I used to be a pharmacist, feeling my life’s energy drain out of me as I stayed ‘safe’ in a life that did not feel like the one I had hoped to live. I had bought into the ways of the regular world where you put your dreams to one side and became a regular normal part of society and did whatever you had to do to make a living. And maybe, just maybe, you got to do some of your purpose work at the weekends or in the evenings, if you could find the time.  

It took a divine wake-up call to help me realise that there was another way.  

I went bankrupt and got depressed for 4 years.  

This was not supposed to happen to me when I had followed the well-trodden path to ‘success’.

Finally, I realised that I had to stop living passively and begin instead to deliberately design my life because my vision, my calling, my PURPOSE was not going to come find me, I had to go find it! I had to get off the fence and start truly designing my life. The Divine would not force my hand but the moment, I showed willing, every single resource would be made available to support me in living to my true design.  

It took courage but little by little and then all at once, I shifted from being a tired, bored pharmacist to more than replacing my income and living out the calling on my life as a prosperity minister. I worked with entrepreneurs and regular people to support them in living more prosperously on a one-to-one basis but I realised there was more.  

Much MORE!  

Not everyone can afford to work with a coach individually but EVERYONE has divine power that they need to step into so that they can live more prosperously and up level their family, their community and the world around them. I felt called to make the Deliberate Life Method available to at least 334000 people worldwide. I call it PROJECT 334K.

And after various trials, here is the OPULENCE CIRCLE.  

It really is the next best thing to having a personal coach to help you see your blocks, help you see how you can be maximising yourself, to help you remember daily that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and that you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for.  

Come join in.  

I have made it cost-effective so that you can experience it wherever you are in the world and also, so that you realise you are surrounded by people who have all chosen to uplevel their lives and live a more prosperous existence so you no longer feel like the odd one out with all your big ideas about what you are here to do.  


THE OPULENCE CIRCLE is for you, whatever your business or career, if you are a spirit-driven soul determined to change lives, make a difference and create at least $5K each month online


You want to be FULFILLED - Determined to live to the fullness of your potential, determined to do what you feel called to do and to design a life that feels fulfilling. You refuse to go to the grave with your music still in you. You are committed to fully expressing all that is within you.

You want to be FREE to do more of what you want, when you want, with who you want. You are done with living to the conditioning of the normal world which tells you that your desires are wrong and to be stifled and sacrificed. You sense there is another way, you feel called to find it and to be truly free of the shackles of past conditioning.

You want to be ABUNDANT - There is a part of you that KNOWS that prosperity, in every single area of your life, is your divine right and you want to discover how to make it real for you. YES! This is the place to discover how to manifest EVERY THING YOU DESIRE

You want to be LOVE - To receive love more freely as you heal the wounds of the past that shield you from receiving it and also, to BE LOVE on this planet as you lean into your true design, making a difference, changing lives simply by being all you are born to be.

If the above sounds like things you desire and you are commited to taking whatever time you need to shift into a more prosperous existence then...

I make it easy for you to manifest the life and business you desire by providing manifestation tools, practical marketing tools, clearing tools, daily encouragement and empowerment.  

RIGHT NOW, LOCK IN the #PROJECT334K PRICE of $37 a month or $370 a year - This is a special price - 75% off the regular price and it is rising soon.

(PLEASE KNOW THAT THE LIVE ELEMENTS OF THIS PROGRAM RUN FROM FACEBOOK so you must be willing to be in the group there, even if it means setting up a profile just for this purpose. You can join just for the programs but I believe you get the best out of it in the group too)

Click the button below to join in now.


You have done the short courses...  

You have gone to the seminars and conferences...  

It all helps for a short period of time...  

You spend a lot of money and you come home to the same thing you left behind and it is not long before you are back to where you were with no support system in place to keep you on track...  

What if you tried something different?  

What if you tried deliberate immersion in a new way of thinking, acting, being with a coach who is committed to being there for you daily to help you transcend the craziness of modern-day life?  

Success is a habit, plain and simple.  

And your current habits have got you to here which may be okay but you know that if you carry on, then you may well die with your music still in you...  

Immersion in new habits, starting with the daily 20 minute quiet time as you consider a new thought (#SpiritSpeaks), a new way of looking at life, a new idea will propel you to abundance, fulfilment and freedom.  

Then add on the fact that you can get support on any area of life - ANY AREA OF LIFE that is holding you back. You tried the whole 'partition my life into boxes' and you tried the ‘pretend this is not happening to me’ approach and it has not worked - Come into the safe place that is THE OPULENCE CIRCLE, do a #DailyCheckIn and tell us your trials, triumphs and any thing bugging you and I come in and do a livestream to give you a new way of looking at things...  

And no, it is not just me speaking to you - I am downloading words of wisdom for you from the Divine which when you feel caught up in the craziness of life, you are simply unable to hear for yourself.  

You will be exposed to new ways of thinking - Ideas that you did not even think possible simply because you are caught up in the middle of it all.  

And your results will up level as you choose to take responsibility for putting yourself in an environment designed to help you OVERCOME and EXCEL!