The Opulence Circle

The Opulence Circle

Everything You Need For Great Relationships, Increased Wealth, A Deeper Connection With The Divine, Excellent Health & Wellness Inside & Out. Let's Deliberately Design Your Most Prosperous Life Now

Would You Like To...

  •  Always KNOW exactly what to do next to prosper in every area of life?
  • Deepen your relationship with the Divine so that you feel clearly guided to your highest good every moment of every day?  
  • Clear the emotional and mental blocks that keep you from living a prosperous and opulent life?  
  • Remember who you truly are - A powerful spiritual being having a human experience - and live as that person each day, experiencing the prosperity and opulence that is your norm?  
  •  Get crystal clear clarity about your purpose so that you can live free and fulfilled every day?  
  •  Discover How To Manifest the prosperity that is your divine right in all areas of your life?

Are You Done With...

  • Pretending there is a 'push button' solution that will somehow fix everything in 5 seconds?  
  • Feeling stuck in the same patterns that keep showing up over and over in your life?  
  • Feeling as though you are far from where you thought you would be by now?  
  • Procrastinating on creating the life you desire?


Here's What You Get...

Daily SpiritSpeaks 

Connection to Source is the foundation of everything good so each day, Monday to Friday, I will seek guidance from the Divine and deliver to the group a message to use in your daily spiritual practice.

Manifestation Tools

As soon as you join the OPULENCE CIRCLE, you will get access to the Simple 7 Day Miracle Experiment which will teach you how to align yourself with prosperity now. When I did this first, I manifested over $1800 in the first week alone and then I went on to manifest many other money amounts as well as relationship changes, body changes. This is why, this experiment is a key part of your membership of the circle.  

A Supportive, Empowering Community 

No longer feel like the odd one out as a result of your big ideas. Come be part of the Miracle-makers and be empowered to live a big, more prosperous life wherever you are in the world. 

Take Part In The Creation Of New Programs 

As a miracle-maker, you get exclusive access to new programs in the circle. Every week, you will increase your knowledge of spiritual and practical tools to grow your life and move deeper into prosperity in every single area. 

Discounts On Some Events, Courses, Coaching Programs

As a miracle-maker, you get exclusive discounts on some of my live events and coaching programs 

Personal Access To A Highly Intuitive Prosperity Minister

I am able to intuitively discern exactly what you need to do next to prosper in whatever area of life. Get crystal clear clarity on your next move when you join the OPULENCE CIRCLE. No more indecision. This is what private clients pay thousands to access and now you can access this wisdom more cost-effectively as long as you are willing to ask for support in the group. 

Also, learn how to access your intuitive ability too.

The Deliberate Life Method 10 Day Training

When you join, you will receive every other day, a quick introduction to the simple tools that make up the Deliberate Life Method. Everyone starts here so that you are building a Deliberate Life of Freedom, Fulfilment, Abundance & Love. Expect Change Fast as you learn to manifest whatever you desire and deepen your spiritual practice and a lot more in this initial 10 days. 

The Deliberate Affirmation Of The Week

Each week, we will look at a different area of growth and together, we will stay on track with a musical affirmation 

Weekly Live Prayer Event

There is nothing as powerful as being in agreement with a group of people determined to prosper in all areas of life, determined to be light in the world, determined to uplevel the life experience of their families, communities and the world as a whole. Join us and see miracles happen in your life 

Here's What You Can Expect...

🔴Always know what to do next. No more indecision. No more uncertainty. Crystal clear clarity is available now. 

🔴 Put a spiritual practice in place that reminds you of your true divine nature and helps you deliberately design a prosperous life of freedom, fulfilment, abundance, love  

🔴 Receive daily #SpiritSpeaks to reflect on as part of that practice - Immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, being, acting as you reflect on these simple thoughts direct from the Divine  

🔴 Tap back into your intuition and live a divinely guided life so that you feel like you know what you are doing  

🔴 Become happier as you stop feeling as though things are happening to you and you take back the reins of your life  

🔴 Learn how to manifest prosperity miracles in your life as a normal thing - Prosperity is your divine right. Let the Deliberate Life method show you how to allow it all in.  

🔴 Get clear of mental and emotional blocks that keep you from your prosperity in all areas, that keep you from living life to your true design.  

🔴 Develop better relationships as you change from the inside out. Start attracting soulmate friends, lovers, colleagues, clients, recruits, whatever. It will all change as you change.  

🔴 Learn to love your body more and treat it with respect as you change from the inside out. Experience better health, more energy and vitality as you become deliberate about the design of your life  

🔴 Create purposeful work that makes you excited each morning as you realise that you have all the power to design life the way you want it  

🔴 Learn how to manifest money whenever you want it so that you never have to settle into doing anything just because you feel you lack money  

🔴 Be a part of a community of deliberate people who are all moving forward powerfully as they tap into the Deliberate Life method. Be in a safe place to share your trials and triumphs, get objective support and move forward knowing that we all are on your side.  

🔴 Discover how to live to your true design and finally experience true, deep, inner happiness and peace as you fully remember who you are.

🔴 There is no obligation to stick around. Cancel at any time if you feel it is not right for you


Hey, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I used to be a pharmacist, feeling my life’s energy drain out of me as I stayed ‘safe’ in a life that did not feel like the one I had hoped to live. I had bought into the ways of the regular world where you put your dreams to one side and became a regular normal part of society and did whatever you had to do to make a living. And maybe, just maybe, you got to do some of your purpose work at the weekends or in the evenings, if you could find the time.  

It took a divine wake-up call to help me realise that there was another way.  

I went bankrupt and got depressed for 4 years.  

This was not supposed to happen when I had followed the well-trodden path to ‘success’.

Finally, I realised that I had to stop living passively and deliberately design my life because my vision, my calling, my PURPOSE was not going to come find me, I had to go find it! I had to get off the fence and start truly designing my life. The Divine would not force my hand but the moment, I showed willing, every single resource would be made available to support me in living to my true design.  

It took courage but little by little and then all at once, I shifted from being a tired, bored pharmacist to more than replacing my income and living out the calling on my life as a prosperity minister. I worked with entrepreneurs and regular people to support them in living more prosperously on a one-to-one basis but I realised there was more.  

Much MORE!  

Not everyone can afford to work with a coach individually but EVERYONE has divine power that they need to step into so that they can live more prosperously and up level their family, their community and the world around them. I felt called to make the Deliberate Life Method available to at least 334000 people worldwide. I call it PROJECT 334K.

And after various trials, here is the OPULENCE CIRCLE.  

It really is the next best thing to having a personal coach to help you see your blocks, help you see how you can be maximising yourself, to help you remember daily that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and that you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for.  

Come join in.  

I have made it cost-effective so that you can experience it wherever you are in the world and also, so that you realise you are surrounded by people who have all chosen to uplevel their lives and live a more prosperous existence so you no longer feel like the odd one out with all your big ideas about what you are here to do.  


THE OPULENCE CIRCLE is for you, whatever your business or career, if...

You want to be FULFILLED - Determined to live to the fullness of your potential, determined to do what you feel called to do and to design a life that feels fulfilling. You refuse to go to the grave with your music still in you. You are committed to fully expressing all that is within you.

You want to be FREE to do more of what you want, when you want, with who you want. You are done with living to the conditioning of the normal world which tells you that your desires are wrong and to be stifled and sacrificed. You sense there is another way, you feel called to find it and to be truly free of the shackles of past conditioning.

You want to be ABUNDANT - There is a part of you that KNOWS that prosperity, in every single area of your life, is your divine right and you want to discover how to make it real for you. YES! This is the place to discover how to manifest EVERY THING YOU DESIRE

You want to be LOVE - To receive love more freely as you heal the wounds of the past that shield you from receiving it and also, to BE LOVE on this planet as you lean into your true design, making a difference, changing lives simply by being all you are born to be.

If the above sounds like things you desire and you are commited to taking whatever time you need to shift into a more prosperous existence then...

I make it easy for you to manifest the life you desire by providing manifestation tools, clearing tools, daily encouragement and empowerment.  

And all for an investment of $2 a week or $9 a month or $97 a year.  

(PLEASE KNOW THAT WE RUN FROM FACEBOOK so you must be willing to be in the group there, even if it means setting up a profile just for this purpose)

Click the button below to join in now.


You have done the short courses...  

You have gone to the seminars and conferences...  

It all helps for a short period of time...  

You spend a lot of money and you come home to the same thing you left behind and it is not long before you are back to where you were with no support system in place to keep you on track...  

What if you tried something different?  

What if you tried deliberate immersion in a new way of thinking, acting, being with a coach who is committed to being there for you daily to help you transcend the craziness of modern-day life?  

Success is a habit, plain and simple.  

And your current habits have got you to here which may be okay but you know that if you carry on, then you may well die with your music still in you...  

Immersion in new habits, starting with the daily 20 minute quiet time as you consider a new thought (#SpiritSpeaks), a new way of looking at life, a new idea will propel you to abundance, fulfilment and freedom.  

Then add on the fact that you can get support on any area of life - ANY AREA OF LIFE that is holding you back. You tried the whole 'partition my life into boxes' and you tried the ‘pretend this is not happening to me’ approach and it has not worked - Come into the safe place that is THE OPULENCE CIRCLE, do a #DailyCheckIn and tell us your trials, triumphs and any thing bugging you and I come in and do a livestream to give you a new way of looking at things...  

And no, it is not just me speaking to you - I am downloading words of wisdom for you from the Divine which when you feel caught up in the craziness of life, you are simply unable to hear for yourself.  

You will be exposed to new ways of thinking - Ideas that you did not even think possible simply because you are caught up in the middle of it all.  

And your results will up level as you choose to take responsibility for putting yourself in an environment designed to help you OVERCOME and EXCEL!