This One Habit Will Keep You Away From Prosperity

Stop with the reliving and the rehashing in your mind of all the things that have gone wrong…

Stop rethinking and rethinking all the things that you feel you have done wrong

Let it all go

Let yourself go

You are worthy of every good thing even if you made mistakes

And that is the best thing to focus on, rather than reliving things that make you feel quite bad on the inside…

Don’t you understand that the problem you are facing is not the things that happened or the things you did wrong, it is the fact that all the overthinking about it lowers your vibe, makes you feel bad CONTINUOUSLY and that holds you back form all your good.

And you deserve every good thing

And the Divine would love to give you all you desire except you keep broadcasting the idea that yuo are not worthy when, in fact, you are.

You keep holding yourself off your own good

Are you not done with that?

Start training your mind now to come back to the good repeatedly

Clean, clear for sure but do not wallow in this

It does not make you any holier to keep dwelling on all the things you think you have done wrong.

We have been conditioned to think that it is only when we really feel bad about what we have done that we can be forgiven…

We keep believing in the fact that it is only when OTHERS FEEL bad about what they have done that they can be forgiven and we can let it go…

But neither of those ideas are true.


The Divine does not sit around waiting to judge you for all eternity

You are judging yourself and others and therefore holding yourself back from all your good

Are you about done with that yet?

Train your brain to feel good, regardless of what you have done or has been done to you




And let yourself go free

Let yourself receive all you desire

You are worthy of it


I must admit I am saying this as much to myself as to anyone else because that is definitely one area that I have had to work on considerable and even this morning, I heard Papa remind me to let go of the fact that I was beating myself up a bit for waking up later than I would have like – Ha ha!

And so yes, I had to let it go and keep pulling my mind back to thoughts of peace and worthiness, rather than continually beating myself up.

Anyway, BE FREE

Position yourself in the overflow of abundance when you do this.

I invite you to the OPULENCE CIRCLE where you are daily reminded that you are worthy, loved, bold, light.

Come live the Deliberate Life of fulfilment, freedom, love and abundance

Come get clear of the nonsense that holds you tied to a ‘less than’ existence…

You know you are born for more – DECIDE to claim it

Immerse yourself in thoughts of success

Learn new strategies to stay on track to abundance in all areas of life.

It is your time

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
the Prosperity Minister.

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